Bass Section Leader (Bridgeport, CT)

Date Posted: 
Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Job Title: Bass Section Leader
Organization Name: UCC Bridgeport
Organization Website:
Salary Range (optional): $125 per call
Job Description:
Musical Requirements:
• Be a skilled musician able to read music well (piano skills not required
but useful)
• Lead the Section in all rehearsals and services. Sing solos and in small
groups as requested by the Minister of Music.
• Excellent musicianship: good music reader, pitch sense, and ensemble
singer;  Strong sense of musical leadership; primary duty is to give
volunteer singers a strong sense of musical security; to be the first in the
section to know music well; to lead sectional rehearsals if and when the
Director requires; General group leadership in behavior, deportment,
attendance, and punctuality at rehearsals and performances. Musical
leadership may entail anything from answering questions such as “what songs
were rehearsed last week?” to specific technical questions such as “what is
the chord at measure 10?” In the event that the SL is not able to answer the
question, he or she may confer with other artistic staff.   Additional
• Absence for illness or emergency will normally be excused by the
Director, but communicating promptly with the Director is required.
Excused absence will be granted when requested sufficiently in advance from
the Director; however, an absence incurs a proportionate deduction from the
next payment.
• Take careful note of details in rehearsal, such as phrasing, breathing,
pronunciation etc., so that exact details can be communicated to members.
• Possess good interpersonal and communication skills.
• Work in conjunction with other Section Leaders.
• Be available for funerals/weddings/special events as requested by the
Minister of Music
• Be a source of kindness, encouragement and positivity for all members of
the choir and congregation
• Be willing to take initiative in the absence of the Artistic Director
(e.g. lead a warm-up).
• Strive for personal artistic growth
Section Leaders are engaged Sunday mornings beginning on September 17, 2017
with a rehearsal at 8:15 AM and 1 service at 10AM (typically 1 hour and 15
minutes). Additional services are September 26th for the annual Norma Pfriem
fundraising dinner, Sunday evening, November 19 Interfaith Service, Christmas
Eve 7 PM service, Maundy Thursday service and Good Friday service. There will
also be a Spring Choral Concert in 2018, date and time TBA.
All Services pay $125 per call. Sunday morning rehearsal and service is
considered 1 call.
Please email the Music Director, Tom Cuffari at
Contact Email: