Director of Music Ministries (Frederica, GA)

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Job Title: Director of Music Ministries
Organization Name: Wesley United Methodist Church at Frederica
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Position Description and Church Information

Summary Job Description:  We are looking for someone who feels called by God
to the ministry of music, has demonstrated choir experience, exceptional
enthusiasm, and brings a creative, innovative spirit to our church and music
programs.  We seek someone who is a natural communicator, embraces
collaboration, and will effectively challenge and grow our choir members and
music participants.  Our successful candidate must create an atmosphere where
the worship service and the music ministry work together to glorify Jesus
Christ and expand the faith of our congregation, as well as the larger

Primary Responsibilities:  Oversee and manage an adult choir (35-45 members),
two children’s choirs, adult handbell choir (5 octaves), men’s and
women’s vocal ensembles, two Sunday morning traditional services, weekly
adult choir rehearsal.  Work collaboratively with the Senior Pastor,
Assistant Pastor, organist, pianist, and volunteer committees to present
services that provide spiritual growth for choir members, congregations, and
the broader community.

Setting:   Located on the Georgia Coast, Saint Simons Island is an
extraordinary location, near Brunswick, Georgia, which combines the strengths
of a resort area with an active year round population.  The church is located
near historic Fort Frederica and on the grounds once walked by John and
Charles Wesley.

Congregation:   Wesley boasts a vibrant congregation that takes tremendous
pride on its music program and outreach to the local community.  In the first
30 years, Wesley has grown into a church that feels like a family and where
people care deeply for those who attend.  The church has three services each
week (two tradition, one contemporary) and an active Sunday School program.

Administrative Information:
Minister of Pastoral Care – Rev. Gene Yates
1000+ membership, 450 average attendance, weekly
Annual Operating Budget - $1.7M

Organ:  41-rank Zimmer pipe organ installed in June, 2005.  Over 2,500 pipes
and a Trompette en Chamade.
Piano:  7-foot Yahama Concert Grand

Detailed Job Requirements

•       Lead, organize, and develop adult, youth, children, vocal ensembles, and
handbell choir to support Sunday worship and overall worship planning in
conjunction with the Senior Pastor, or designee.
•       Select hymns, anthems, etc., for Sunday worship (and other special
services like Easter, etc.) in collaboration with Senior Pastor and other
members of church staff.
•       Broaden the exposure of various music genres in both the traditional and
contemporary services in collaboration with the Senior Pastor and the
Director of Youth, as required.
•       Actively participate with local community music organizations (schools,
community music groups, local musicians) to expand the music ministry at
Wesley and provide opportunities to grow our ministry within the community.
•       Provide rehearsal and education to adult choir, ensembles, and handbells,
weekly, as well as rehearse and direct instrumentalists and vocalists for
worship services.
•       Recruit, motivate and lead, if necessary, children, youth, and adults in
all aspects of congregational music and creative arts in the church.  Recruit
and train and provide guidance to all those involved in the music ministry.
•       Plan and submit annual music budget to finance committee.
•       Liaise with Senior Pastor and Worship Committee to ensure meaningful,
faith-based worship services.
•       Seek feedback on music program effectiveness and develop plans for growth
and development to address issues and broaden music program.
•       Develop and oversee regular maintenance of organ and pianos including
repair, tuning, etc.  Oversee care of choir vestments.
•       Attend weekly staff meetings and attend other meetings, Church Council
meeting, as requested.
•       Maintain a diverse music library.

Minimum Qualifications:
•       Minimum B.A. in Music or Choir Conduction
•       3-5 years of experience in choral direction in a Christian environment
•       Proficiency in organ, piano, or other instruments
•       Successful criminal background check for Safe Sanctuaries policy and
abide by South Georgia United Methodist Church Sexual Ethics Standards.

Desired Qualifications:
•       Master’s Degree in Music or Choir Conduction, and/or Organ Performance
•       Strong vocal soloist

Desired Qualities:
•       Must feel called by God to the ministry of music and feel led to grow the
congregation’s appreciation of music and worship
•       Must be creative, collaborative, energetic, and able to work with others
in a loving, Christ-centered environment.
•       Must be able to recruit, direct, educate (as needed) choir and other
music volunteers to enhance their music experience and their relationship
with God
•       Must demonstrate leadership and strong organizational skills
•       Must possess the interpersonal skills to work with a diverse group of
people within the church (staff, congregation, etc.)
Salary and Benefits:
•       Full-time position (~40 per week)
•       Salary is negotiable and will be based upon successful applicant’s
experience and ability to fulfill the functions and skills listed herein.
•       Other benefits include:  Continuing education funding, professional
memberships allowance, paid time off (vacation and sick) through accrued time
in job

Application Package Requirements
•       Cover Letter
•       Detailed resume
•       List of references, both professional and personal (3 required)
•       Two video recordings of choral direction
•       One video recording of instrument performance (organ, piano, or other)

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