Sir David Willcocks
September 21, 2015
At the ISM, we are reminiscing on a number of visits from the great conductor, Sir David Willcocks. His creativity and musical energy were matched only by his kindness. ...
September 16, 2015
The ISM’s Annual Report for 2014-2015 is now available HERE.
search engine results
September 3, 2015
Finding more information has just gotten easier as result of a new Google search feature on our website. As a part of a university-wide web initiative, this site has been...
September 1, 2015
Developing a Program for the Local Community REGISTER ONLINE As music education programs in public schools across the U.S. continue to face funding challenges, many...
August 28, 2015
Join the chorus! Auditions are next week for all ISM ensembles. Email choral.auditions@...
(c) Forestpath/Dreamstime
August 27, 2015
A Rewarding Partnership Joseph Ripka (M.M. ’11) When my wife Erin and I first visited Stonington Borough, Connecticut, we were entranced by the idyllic beauty and charm of...
Jenna-Claire Kemper (r) with Jacque Campoli at the Commencement Banquet
August 21, 2015
Notes on the Staff As announced in the last issue, Jenna-Claire Kemper left the ISM in May to become executive director of the Koerner Center at Yale. Channeling Bob Newhart...