Religion and Music - Master of Arts in Religion

Concentration in Religion and Music

This concentration aims to familiarize students with broad areas of sacred music and their theological, philosophical, and ritual contexts. The program is open to students wanting to focus on historical musicology, ethnomusicology, or the theological study of music. Students will work within the methodological and theoretical framework of their subdiscipline, but they are also expected to cross the boundaries into the other musicological disciplines. In addition, students are encouraged to consider music within an interdisciplinary network: visual arts, poetry, literature, etc. Yale offers a wide variety of music-related courses, and students are invited to take advantage of course offerings in the larger Yale community, particularly the School of Music and the Department of Music. After graduation from the program, many students pursue doctoral degrees in music history or ethnomusicology, or they pursue theological studies with a particular focus on music and ritual.

After graduation from the program many students pursue doctoral degrees in music history or ethnomusicology.

  • Hildegard of Bingen
    Hildegard of Bingen
  • Mozart
  • neumes
  • Nyoman Sedana
    Balinese performance ritual
  • Bach manuscript
    Credo (Mass in B Minor)