This Week in Marquand Chapel

February 19–23: Wilderness Week

Monday, Feb. 19: SERVICE OF THE WORD - graduating student Thomas Burke preaching

Tuesday, Feb. 20: ELIJAH’S CAKES

Wednesday, Feb. 21: SERVICE OF THE WORD - sermon by Melanie Ross, Professor of Liturgical Studies

Thursday, Feb. 22: SUNG MORNING PRAYER - Gospel music

Friday, Feb. 23: SERVICE OF WORD AND TABLE - special guest Clifford Jones, pastor of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in Charlotte, to preach; Almeda Wright, Professor of Religious Education, to preside

Coming up in Marquand:

Monday, Feb. 26: SERVICE OF THE WORD - meditation by Donyelle McCray, Professor of Homiletics

Monday, 7:00-8:30 pm: Gospel and Inspirational Ensemble rehearsal/chapel-sing, led by Mark Miller.

Tuesday, Feb. 27: SANCTUARY - sermon by guest Juhye Hahn, pastor of First and Summerfield UMC; special music from Gospel and Inspirational Ensemble, led by Mark Miller

Wednesday, Feb. 28: SERVICE OF THE WORD - sermon by Mark Heim, Professor of Theology

Thursday, Mar. 1: SUNG MORNING PRAYER - prayers led by student Peggy Lo

Friday, Mar. 2: PAPERLESS SERVICE OF WORD AND TABLE - special guest Paul Vasile of Music that Makes Community to preach; Kari Henkelmann Keyl, campus pastor of Luther House, to preside

Worship in Marquand often draws on a wide variety of inherited Christian traditions, with the worship of many denominations being represented. Beyond that, though, we also pay attention to the rising number of people in Western society who have a lively interest in spirituality, but feel no connection to traditional forms of church and worship. So Marquand is also actively engaged in original, creative, and experimental forms of worship, both for committed Christians and for those exploring the faith.

From traditional worship to brave experiment, from ancient liturgy to post-modern praise, from the heart of America to global worship, Marquand’s mission is to be worshipful, educational, and ecumenical, and we are glad to welcome you here.