2010 Itinerary

2010 Study Tour to Germany Itinerary

Sunday, May 9 

  • Travel day from New Haven to Munich

Monday, May 10 | Munich

  • Community lunch at Weihenstephan
  • Tour of Freising Cathedral

Tuesday, May 11 | Munich

  • Guided tour of the Residenz/Schatzkammer
  • Visit to St. Michael’s Church
  • Meeting with Pater Hermann Breulmann from the Jesuits at St. Michael’s
  • Evening Concert at Musikhochschule

Wednesday, May 12 | Munich

  • Lecture by Prof. D. Manfred Heim on Bavarian Church history at the University in Munich
  • Museum visits; pinakothek
  • Visit to Bavarian State Library; lectures by Margot Fassler, Peter Jeffrey, and Markus Rathey on liturgical and music manuscripts and prints of the Renaissance
  • Visit to the Gasteig; lecture by Prof. Dr. Bert Groen
  • Opening service for the Ecumenical Church Meeting at Marienplatz, Munich
  • Open-air concert at Ecumenical Church Meeting

Thursday, May 13 | Munich, Weimar

  • Visit to Vierzehn Heiligen; attend Ascension service
  • Community lunch at Goldener Hirsch
  • Travel to Weimar

Friday, May 14 | Weimar

  • Museum tours: Bauhaus Museum, Lizst House, and Goethehaus
  • Visit to Buchenwald 

Saturday, May 15 | Naumberg, Leipzig

  • Travel to Naumberg
  • Visit to Hildebrandt Organ St. Wenzel
  • Guided tour of Naumberg Cathedral
  • Travel to Leipzig
  • Visit to St. Thomaskirche, motette performance
  • Guided tour of the Bach Archiv
  • Concerts in Leipzig:  Opera Leipzig, Gewandhaus Leipsig

Sunday, May 16 | Leipzig

  • Tour of Nicolaikirche and organ
  • Morning service in St. Nicholas 
  • Visit to the Stasi Museum
  • Travel to Berlin

Monday, May 17 | Berlin 

  • Guided tour of Berlin Cathedral
  • Short service in Berlin Cathedral; visit with clergy
  • Guided walking tour of Berlin

Tuesday, May 18 | Berlin

  • Visit to Humboldt University Theology department
  • Lecture with Prof. Dr. Andreas Feldtkeller on interreligious and intercultural dialogue
  • Lunch with Humboldt University Theology students
  • Visit to Berlin Dahlem; Lecture with dr. Lars-Christian Koch, at the Phonogramm-Archiv Berlin about music and multiculturalism in Germany
  • ISM community dinner

Wednesday, May 19 | Berlin

  • Lecture with Prof. Dr. Jurgen Henkys, theologian, humn writer, Bonhoeffer expert at Petrisall
  • Free time in Berlin

Thursday, May 20 | Berlin

  • Travel from Berlin to New Haven