Courses 2018–2019

Music Courses • Divinity Courses • ISM courses hosted in other departments

The letter “a” following the course number denotes the fall term; the letter “b” denotes the spring term.

Please refer to for course descriptions, syllabi, and up-to-date schedules. You may also find courses that interest you in other departments, such as Religious Studies, Art History, Medieval Studies, etc.

Music Courses

MUS 506a–b, 606a–b, Lyric Diction for Singers

MUS 507a–b, 607a–b, Vocal Repertoire for Singers

MUS 509a–b, 609a–b, 709a–b, Art Song Coaching for Singers — Tomoko Nakayama

MUS 511b, Music before 1750 — Markus Rathey

MUS 515a,b, Improvisation at the Organ I — Jeffery Brillhart

MUS 519a–b, 619a–b, 719a–b, Colloquium — Martin D. Jean

MUS 522a–b, 622a–b, 722a–b, Acting for Singers — Christopher Murrah

MUS 531a–b, 631a–b, Repertory Chorus—Voice — Marguerite L. Brooks

MUS 532a–b, 632a–b, Repertory Chorus—Conducting — Marguerite L. Brooks

MUS 535a–b, 635a–b, Recital Chorus—Voice — Marguerite L. Brooks

MUS 536a–b, 636a–b, Recital Chorus—Conducting — Marguerite L. Brooks

MUS 539b, The Motet in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries — Markus Rathey

MUS 540a–b, 640a–b, 740a–b, 840a–b, Individual Instruction in the Major 

MUS 544a–b, 644a–b, 744a–b, Seminar in the Major

MUS 546a–b, 646a–b, 746a–b, Yale Camerata — Marguerite L. Brooks

MUS 549a, Early Music Repertoire for Singers — Jeffery Grossman

MUS 571a–b, 671a–b, 771a–b, Yale Schola Cantorum — David Hill

MUS 586a, The Oratorio in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries — Markus Rathey

MUS 594a–b, Vocal Chamber Music — James Taylor

MUS 595a–b, 695b, Performance Practice for Singers — Jeffery Grossman

MUS 605a, Performing Oratorio: A Look at the Major Repertoire — Judith Malafronte

MUS 615a,b, Improvisation at the Organ II — Jeffery Brillhart

MUS 656a, Liturgical Keyboard Skills I — Walden Moore

MUS 657a, Liturgical Keyboard Skills II — Walden Moore

MUS 664a, The Symphony and the Sacred in the Nineteenth Century — Markus Rathey

MUS 715a,b, Improvisation at the Organ III — Jeffery Brillhart

MUS 815a,b, Improvisation at the Organ IV — Jeffery Brillhart

Divinity Courses

REL 3910a–b, Colloquium — Martin D. Jean

REL 632b, Theology through Music in the 20th and 21st Centuries — Awet Andemicael

REL 639, Suffering — Christian Wiman, Miroslav Wolf

REL 651a, Digital Media, Liturgy, and Theology — Karthryn Tanner, Teresa Berger

REL 664, Black Theologies and the Early Church — Awet Andemicael

REL 682a, Foundations of Christian Worship — Teresa Berger

REL 683b, The Liturgy, Ritual, and Chant of Medieval England (Sarum Use) – Travel seminar — Brian D. Spinks, Henry Parkes

REL 697b, Eucharistic Prayers and Eucharistic Theology — Bryan D. Spinks

REL 725/ENGL 670, Religion, Literature, and Politics in Early Modern Britain – Travel seminar — Bruce Gordon, John Rogers

REL 731a/MDVL 631 Origins of Christian Art in Late Antiquity — Vasileios Marinis, Felicity Harley

REL 747a, Islamic Art and Architecture in the Mediterranean — Örgü Dalgiç

REL 801a or b, Marquand Chapel Choir — Nathaniel Gumbs

REL 802a or b, Marquand Gospel Choir — Mark Miller

REL 825a, Music Skills and Vocal Development for Parish Ministry — Awet Andemicael

REL 933b, Poetry and Faith — Christian Wiman

REL 935a, Religious Lyric in Britain — Peter S. Hawkins

REL 943a/THST 437, Performance behind Bars: Sacred Music, Sacred Texts, and Social Justice — Ronald S. Jenkins

REL 945a/MDVL 663, From House Churches to Medieval Cathedrals: Christian Art and Architecture from the Third Century to the End of Gothic — Vasileios Marinis

REL 947b, Christian Art and Architecture from the Renaissance to the Present — Edmund Ryder

REL 950a, Dante’s Journey to God I — Peter S. Hawkins

REL 951b, Dante’s Journey to God II — Peter S. Hawkins

REL 952, Performance of Text: Poetry of T.S. Eliot — Peter S. Hawkins, Karin Coonrod

REL 956b, Faith, Doubt, and Redemption in Twentieth–Twenty-First-Century Fiction — David Mahan

REL 960a, Communities of Chant — Henry Parkes

REL 963a, Literature of Trauma — David Mahan

REL 968, Pilgrimage and Religious Tourism — Salley Promey, Örgü Dalgiç

REL 971a, Creative Faith: A Writing Course — Christian Wiamn

REL 979a, Hymns and Their Music — Carl Pickens Daw, Jr.

REL 982b, Performance of Text: Poetry of T.S. Eliot — Peter S. Hawkins, Karin Coonrod

ISM Courses Hosted in Other Departments

EAST 405a/MUSI 476a/THST 326a, Chinese Opera — Kelsey Seymour

HSAR 840, Jewish Identity and Feminist Art — Margaret Olin, David Sperber

MUSI 628a, Early Song Tradition in the Habsburg Spanish Empire — Ireri Chávez-Bárcenas

MUSI 621, Western Notation: The First Two Hundred Years — Henry Parkes

RLST 344b, Death and the Afterlife in Chinese Cultures — Kelsey Seymour

RLST 352a, Blackness and Mysticism — Ashon Crawley