Admission to Graduate Study

Institute students are immersed in a vibrant interdisciplinary environment that fosters a collaborative learning experience. Students admitted to the Institute are automatically fully enrolled in either the Yale School of Music or the Yale Divinity School or both, depending on the degree being pursued. Students who wish to apply to the Institute of Sacred Music must submit the online application found here. Online applications are to be submitted, and all supporting materials are to be sent directly to the Institute of Sacred Music, to arrive no later than:

•    December 1 for students applying to the Institute of Sacred Music and Yale School of Music; and

•    January 15 for students applying to the Institute of Sacred Music and Yale Divinity School.

The Institute’s Admissions Committee will consider applications for all degree programs, invite music applicants for auditions and interviews, and then make its recommendations to the appropriate admissions committee of either the School of Music or the Divinity School. Letters of acceptance will be sent to successful candidates on or around April 1. There is no early decision process, nor is there a summer program. Divinity School students must obtain the ISM director’s approval to complete a degree on a part-time basis. School of Music students must be enrolled full-time and in consecutive years.

Letters of recommendation and transcripts will be kept on file for one year. Students who are not admitted may reapply the following year without resubmitting these materials, although they may send new ones if they choose. All other application materials and the application fee must be submitted, as for first-time applicants, by the deadline.

Applicants are urged to submit all required materials as soon as possible. Applicants should check periodically to be certain that requested credentials have arrived at the Institute’s Office of Admissions. All inquiries should be directed to the Office of Admissions at