Assistant Director and Accompanist (Wilmington, DE)

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Job Title: Assistant Director and Accompanist
Organization Name: Cathedral Choir School of Delaware
Organization Website:
Salary Range (optional): 45,000-50,000 (negotiable)
Job Description:
The Cathedral Choir School of Delaware, a 501(c)(3) organization, provides
professional musical training, leadership development, language skills,
academic support and mentoring in an intergenerational environment for youth
in Wilmington, Delaware, and the surrounding region. Choir School staff and
volunteers serve as advocates for these students to help guide them to
success in academic, music and social endeavors.

The ADA is a skilled musician who provides organ, harpsichord and piano
accompaniment for the Cathedral Choir as led and conducted by the Director of
Music and Operations (DMO). The ADA reports directly to the DMO.  This
individual will work as a team member to build a nurturing choral community
with an emphasis on a holistic arts education that combines choral music,
piano instruction, one-on-one mentoring, academics and life skills. The
choristers of the Cathedral Choir are trained in a supportive,
intergenerational environment where they perform alongside professional and
semi-professional adult singers.

The ADA is responsible for the basic musicianship/ear-training and
sight-singing curricula that all choristers are required to complete. This
curriculum is crafted based on the needs of each individual chorister and
will include piano instruction as a means to building strong sight-singers
and choral musicians. The skills that choristers acquire include:
sight-singing (with solfeggio syllables and numbers), basic piano proficiency
and finely tuned intonation. All of this instruction takes place in the
context of the choral setting. Advanced choristers extend their musicianship
curricula to include piano instruction where they acquire the skills,
discipline and precision to perform piano works from the piano repertoire.
The Choir School’s choral repertoire is representative of the Masterworks,
though it is also inclusive of works composed in contrasting styles and eras
by lesser-known and more modern composers. In addition to accompanying
rehearsals and teaching lessons, the ADA will work with the DMO to coordinate
logistics associated with the performances of the Choir.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities

In Relation to Assistant Directing, Accompanying, Rehearsing and Teaching:

1.      Meet regularly with the DMO for planning purposes
2.      Assist and facilitate the planning of the Choir’s annual repertoire
3.      Conducting and scheduling “hearings” (informal auditions) for
potential Choristers
4.      Coordinate logistics and fine details of the choir’s singing engagements
a.      Plan with host Music Directors organ music and playing duties
b.      Arrange for vestments and other inventory to be transported to events
c.      Communication with adult singers and Choral Scholars for upcoming events
5.      Accompany evening rehearsals and weekly singing engagements
6.      Facilitate rehearsal of the ensemble in the absence of the DMO
7.      Practice regularly to maintain musical excellence and integrity
8.      Develop and manage infrastructure for the Choral Library
9.      Order sheet music for performances
10.     Mange the preparation of music folders
11.     Manage Head Choristers
12.     Manage the use and storage of vestments and chorister uniforms
13.     Manage storage facilities related to the Choral Library, vestments,
uniforms, and instruments
14.     Coordinate student transportation needs (for performances)
15.     Drive Choir School van as needed
16.     Provide general support for the DMO
17.     Attend continuing education activities relevant to choral, keyboard and
administrative duties and join appropriate professional organizations
18.     Inventory and maintain CCSD instruments
19.     Manage Chorister stipends and standards
20.     Assist with Choral Scholar auditions and interviews
21.     Create publicity for weekly performances
22.     Maintain online calendars for Events and for Choristers/Families
23.     Oversee attendance for Choristers, Adults and Choral Scholars
24.     Execute Choral Scholar (section leader) and Instrumentalist payroll
25.     Plan and facilitate Summer Camp music curriculum
26.     Manage the Wilmington Bach Festival
27.     Other duties as assigned

In Relation to Chorister Instruction:

1.      Enthusiastically facilitate piano and musicianship lessons
2.      Cultivate musicianship skills that focus on sight-singing, piano
proficiency and intonation
3.      Teach solfeggio syllables as a means of sight-singing, while integrating
basic piano techniques and fundamentals
4.      Foster a positive and fun learning environment for choristers
5.      Create weekly rehearsal plans and produce written assignments to support
the learning of Choir School Choristers
6.      Provide monthly feedback via progress report on the progress of each
7.      Maintain a weekly log of musicianship lessons and piano lessons
8.      Manage and support volunteers working in piano lab
9.      Manage digital pianos assigned to Choristers
10.     Other duties as assigned

In Relation to General Administration:

1.      Help staff plan and lead events and programs
2.      Promote the mission and vision of the Choir School and its programs with
families, volunteers, staff, other organizations and the general public
3.      Help review and update Parent and Student Handbook/Contracts and
4.      Proofread materials before publication (particularly programs and
5.      Provide material for posters, newsletters, articles, social media and
other communications
6.      Assist with other Choir School administrative tasks, as needed
7.      Manage student and adult Chorister recruitment
8.      Develop collegial relationships with staff
9.      Attend staff meetings and other discussions related to Choir School
10.     Assist the staff with the planning, management and facilitation of Summer
11.     Other duties as assigned

Musical Competencies Necessary:

1.      Ability to perform accompaniments and solo works of a wide range of
styles, on the organ, harpsichord and piano
2.      Sight read hymns and anthem accompaniments
3.      Sight read four-part open choral scores for rehearsal
4.      Accompany hymns, service music, and psalmody in a manner that enhances
congregational and choral participation
5.      Basic improvisation skills and keyboard harmony skills such as modulation,
harmonization, and transposition
6.      Interpret and follow a conductor
7.      Strong working knowledge of liturgical services, especially of the
Anglican tradition
8.      Strong working knowledge of solfeggio and number sight-singing methods
9.      Strong rehearsal technique
10.     Strong classroom management
11.     Excellent aural skills with an ear for error detection in thick choral
12.     Basic conducting skills


1.      Bachelor’s in organ and/or piano performance, music education or sacred
music is required
2.      Works well with children and adults
3.      Can take direction and function as part of a team
4.      Is reliable and trustworthy
5.      Displays patience and flexibility
6.      Is creative and motivated
7.      Exudes positive energy
8.      Is organized and able to multitask
9.      Ability to lift 50 pounds

Weekly Hours: 40 hours, Full-time. Salaried. Benefits.

Contact: Arreon Harley, Director of Music and Operations,

Contact Email: