Use of Music Facilities after the Thanksgiving Break

Text of memo from YSM Office of the Deputy Dean, 10/30/20. Address questions to Laura Adam.


If you intend to use YSM buildings after Thanksgiving break, we strongly discourage you from traveling over Thanksgiving or attending any gatherings. These are high-risk activities that significantly increase the probability of becoming infected and transmitting illness. All access to YSM buildings will be removed on the evening of Wed, Nov. 25. After Thanksgiving, in-person participation in activities is optional – you are not required to be on campus in December. Students, faculty, and staff who intend to use YSM facilities between Nov. 28 and Dec. 18 must complete one of the following options to have their access restored.


If you will be staying in New Haven during Thanksgiving break:

  •  You must notify us of your intent to remain in New Haven over Thanksgiving break and to engage in on-campus activity after the break.  
  • During the break, you agree to remain in New Haven county, and you agree to refrain from attending any gatherings with more than 10 people in attendance. At any gathering, masks must be worn at all times unless outdoors; physical distancing of at least 6 feet must always be maintained. 
  • You must submit the form (available on ArtsVision) by 10 a.m. on Mon, Nov. 23, or you will be subject to the additional precautions described in section 2 below.
  • We strongly encourage you to take a voluntary COVID-19 screening test.
  • You will have access to YSM facilities starting on Sat, Nov. 28.

If you will travel outside New Haven county during Thanksgiving:

  •  You must have received a negative COVID-19 test before leaving Yale.
  •  You must submit a form notifying us of your intent to travel. Please make every effort to submit this form by 10 a.m. on Mon, Nov. 23.
  •  Upon your return to New Haven, you must self-quarantine, and take two COVID-19 screening tests (on Mon, Nov. 30 and Fri, Dec. 4).
  • After receiving two negative results, you may leave self-quarantine, and you will be allowed to use YSM facilities.