Conference Schedule

Speaker Bios and Abstracts

11:00–11:15am  Scientific Introduction

Marie-Ange Rakotoniaina (Yale ISM), conference organizer

11:15am–12:00pm  Panel 1: The Sabbath Rest in Judaism: Time, Community, and Identity

Ottilia Lukacs (Pécsi Püspöki Hittudományi Főiskola/ Theological College of Pécs and KU Leuven)
Understanding the Sabbath from the Perspective of Cultural Memory

Sacha Stern (University College London)
The Jewish Sabbath in Antiquity and Middle Ages: Universal, Communal, and Individual

12:00–12:05pm  Break

12:05–1:05pm Panel 2: A Mosaics of Times: Sabbaths and Sundays in Ancient Christianity

Sigurvin Lárus Jónsson (University of Münster)
Sabbath and Time in the New Testament

Uta Heil (Universität Wien)
Sabbath or Sunday? Christian Exegesis and Divine Benedictions of a Holy Day

Michele Renée Salzman (University of California Riverside)
The Acts of Silvester: History, Legend and Sundays in Rome

1:05–1:50pm  (Lunch) Break

1:50–2:35pm  Panel 3: Liturgies of Rest: History and Cosmos

Mark Roosien (Yale Institute of Sacred Music)
The Supplication of the Ninevites: A Rite of Famine, Rest, and Redemption in Late Antique Syriac Christianity

Israel Yuval (Hebrew University Jerusalem)
I will rest, You will not rest until the end of time: Sabbatical and Eschatological Rest

2:35–3:25pm  Panel 4: The Sabbath Ancient and (Post) Modern: A Place Beyond Time?

Sarit Kattan Gribetz (Fordham University)
Sabbath Tales in Rabbinic Literature

Sylvie Anne Goldberg (EHESS Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris)
A Time Beyond Time

3:25–3:30pm Conclusion