Director of Music (Brattleboro, Vermont )

Date Posted: 
December 20, 2022
Organization Name: 
St. Michael's Episcopal Church
Salary Range: 
28-32K per year (Half-time)
Job Description: 

St. Michael’s seeks a creative, talented, flexible, enthusiastic, open-hearted Director of Music to join the dynamic staff at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Brattleboro, Vermont. We value the music of our church deeply as a means of opening our hearts to God’s presence and drawing us together as the Body of Christ. St. Michael’s has been the site of many creative musical offerings: Mystery Plays, innovative liturgies combining local art and music, and a choir school open to children in the wider community, (see The successful candidate would not be expected to duplicate these offerings but would be encouraged to bring their unique gifts to create new, Spirit-led offerings to our church and to our wider community.  

Please check out our Music Director Search Page at to experience a few of St. Michael’s music events in the last year.

Brattleboro, nestled in the beautiful Green Mountains of Southern Vermont, is a music town with a rich history of excellent music offerings. Brattleboro Music Center, the Marlboro Music Festival, the Yellow Barn, and the Estay Organ Museum, to name a few. The former music director was able to work part-time at the Brattleboro Music Center and part-time at St. Michael’s to work fulltime as a musician. 

The responsibilities for this position include: serving as organist during Sunday services, directing the choir in weekly rehearsals and during services, organizing, providing or arranging provision for music for additional special services, and recruiting, educating, and empowering musicians to share their musical talents with the parish. The Music Director will administer and provide accounting of the music budget and will maintain our musical equipment and music library. Ability to work with music software is preferable, and familiarity with the liturgy and musical traditions of the Episcopal Church is highly desirable. 

We seek an experienced organist with significant choral experience who embraces a wide range of musical styles and has good interpersonal skills in working with musicians of various ages. 

The Music Director will be responsible for selecting hymns and service music and will work collaboratively with the rector and assistant clergy to develop liturgies that are coherent, beautiful, and inspiring.  The director will participate in our weekly staff meeting and will be fully connected to the life of our parish.