Director of Music Ministry (Philadelphia, PA)

Date Posted: 
July 31, 2020
Organization Name: 
The First Presbyterian Church in Germantown
Salary Range: 
Job Description: 
Position Summary: 
The First Presbyterian Church in Germantown Director of Music Ministry will provide vision and leadership for a music ministry in harmony with our mission statement, “alive, celebrating and serving the Lord” and to be an inquiring, inviting, and inclusive Christ-centered community. The DMM plans, produces, and provides music ministry programs that create community, educate listeners, and glorify God. Music is a vital part of our ministry together, so we seek a Director who leads from a place of spirituality rather than performance and who promotes a music ministry that is inclusive of various people, talents, and styles of worship music. We are passionate about mission and desire a missional music ministry that not only leads in worship but also reaches out and ministers to our community. The Director of Music Ministry (DMM) will be a ministry leader in the church who will report directly to the Pastor/Head of Staff and work in collaboration with our dedicated staff and congregational volunteer leaders. The DMM will have a passion for sharing their love of God and of music with children, youth, and adults. 
In collaboration with the Pastor/Head of Staff, select and provide appropriate prelude, anthem, and postlude music for the Sunday morning services and provide music for the additional services during the year including but not necessarily limited to Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Christmas Eve. 
Subject to the DMM's availability, provide organ and choral music for services not listed above, such as funerals and memorial services and weddings. Supplemental payment, in an amount determined and approved by the Session for the current fiscal year, will be provided. 
If not available for a service, assist in the hiring of substitute musicians. The fees for the substitute musician are determined by the Session and payable by the church. 
In collaboration with the Pastor/Head of Staff be responsible for the selection of and preparing with any soloists singing during regular services of worship. Collaborate with the Pastor/Head of Staff and the Worship, Music and Arts Committee in the area of general planning and leadership of the music program. 
Be responsible for the purchase of all music and music supplies, and the hiring of instrumental and vocal soloists. Expenditures in this area shall not exceed the amount provided in the church budget for the current fiscal year. 
Responsible for maintaining the music library in an orderly fashion and maintain, at the employer's expense, and, as budgeted, a suitable number of copies of musical pieces to enable performance of those pieces by choirs or ensembles. The DMM shall not engage in the unauthorized duplication of copyrighted materials by photocopying or any other means that would expose the church to liability for penalties under existing or future copyright laws. In the event that photocopying of music becomes necessary for appropriate purposes, the DMM, on behalf of the church, shall first obtain all necessary permissions and authorizations prior to any such reproduction of copyrighted materials. The DMM shall be responsible for all necessary reporting in connection with reproduction of music on hard copy or for video streaming purposes. The church hereby indemnifies the DMM from all liability in connection with the foregoing, provided the DMM complies with this paragraph. 
Supervise maintenance, storage, and cleaning of choir robes. 
Attend meetings of staff and other appropriate committees as requested by the Pastor/Head of Staff. Meet regularly with the Pastor/Head of Staff to address worship planning. 
Report to the appropriate committee(s) on the condition and needs for the maintenance of the church's musical instruments. Serve as curator of the church’s musical instruments and schedule regular tuning and repairs of the organ and pianos as needed. The church shall provide for the proper care of these instruments. 
• Highly skilled on the organ and piano, additional instruments appreciated
• Strong grounding in a classical foundation with a breadth of interest in and knowledge of and experience with diverse musical traditions
• Creativity, energy, and organizational skills
• Self-motivated and resourceful
• Commitment to collegiality and strong ability to work as part of a dynamic team
• Attention to detail and ability to multitask
• Flexibility to adapt to unforeseen circumstances and a strong commitment 
to deadlines
• Working knowledge of and ability to record at home as well as at the church to support a virtual service
• Has experience with leading a variety of choirs and ensembles, e.g. chancel choir, gospel choir, handbell choir, etc., and ability to direct virtual choirs
• Has a vibrant and active Christian faith