Music Director (Danbury, Connecticut)

Date Posted: 
September 9, 2023
Organization Name: 
The United Methodist Church of Danbury.
Contact Email: 
Salary Range: 
$320 per week
Job Description: 

Organization Name: The United Methodist Church of Danbury Contact Email: Loren Euvrard at Salary Range: $320/week Description: Seeking a Director of Music to lead the musical life of our congregation as an integral part of worship. Primary duties include playing the organ and/or piano during services and providing administrative coordination of the choir and other musical activities of the church. The church’s mission is to be a welcoming family of disciples who seek to strengthen our faith and allow the light of Christ to guide us as we serve our community. Candidates must have a heart for the church, the ability to relate positively to a wide variety of people in a sensitive and caring manner, and effectively manage volunteers. Candidates must possess strong keyboard skills on organ and/or piano for playing service music, including solo presentations, accompanying hymns, and accompanying / leading choral anthems and soloists. Candidates must have strong administrative, organizational, and communication skills and the ability to meet weekly deadlines. The ideal candidate will be familiar with a variety of musical and worship styles and will have knowledge of the Christian liturgical seasons and corresponding music..Specific responsibilities are listed below. Please submit a letter of interest, resume, video/audio excerpts, and two to three references to: Loren Euvrard at The United Methodist Church of Danbury 5 Clapboard Ridge Road Danbury, CT 06810 (203) 743-1503 Either electronic or mailed submissions are welcome. Job Responsibilities of Music Director 1. The Music Director is a worship leader who works to develop the musical skills and spiritual experience of the choir and congregation. The Music Director invites the participation of the congregation and encourages choir members and other musicians to develop their musical talents as an offering of praise and service to God. 2. The Music Director works with the Pastor and the Music & Worship Committee to plan the music for the 10:30 am Sunday services, the 10:00 am Sunday services in the summer, and all other special services during the liturgical year, including Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, and Holy Week services. 3. It is important that the Music Director and the Pastor work together to provide a safe and nurturing environment for spiritual growth in the church 4. Attends meetings of the Music & Worship Committee. 5. Plays the organ/piano at the Sunday services and other special services mentioned above. 6. Rehearses and directs the Chancel choir. During the months of September-mid-June, rehearsals are typically one weeknight (currently Thursday) and Sunday morning before the 10:30 service. If required, accompanies and rehearses with any Christmas Pageant participants. 7. Coordinate with the director of the handbell choir to schedule offerings during Sunday services. The handbell choir is led by a member of the congregation and plays approximately once a month in services. 8. Introduces and teaches new music to the congregation. 9. The Music Director will have the right of first refusal for music at parish weddings and funerals. Compensation will be provided in accordance with church policies. 10. Work with the Pastor and the Music & Worship Committee to propose and manage the annual music budget. 11. The church will budget monies for the purchase of music and maintenance of instruments. The Music Director will oversee the maintenance of the instruments and keep the library in an orderly and organized fashion. The use of unauthorized duplication of copyrighted materials is understood by all parties to be illegal and unethical. The Music Director will oversee any licensing arrangement for duplicating music. UMCD will pay the agreed upon licensing fee. 12. As worship leader of The United Methodist Church of Danbury, the Music Director is welcomed and encouraged to participate in the church’s fellowship life. 13. UMCD expects that the Music Director will spend approximately 10 hours a week from September - mid-June planning, meeting, practicing, rehearsing, creating and administering the music program and playing for worship. While the choir does not meet during the summer, UMCD expects the Music Director to use this time creatively to plan the musical program for the next season. In addition, the Music Director will recruit and encourage small group or solo performances of church members or outside performers during the summer and throughout the year. 14. It is required that the Music Director complete the United Methodist Church Safer Sanctuaries training course and receive due certification upon completion. 15. Music Director will coordinate any days off with the pastor and secure a substitute organist/pianist, to be paid by the church for services rendered. Potential Areas for Growth - Optional areas to consider as opportunities present themselves. 1. Work with youth and children to present musical numbers. 2. Plan and implement special musical events. Past events have included children’s pageants, joint musical events with other churches, and concerts featuring guest musicians or fund-raising for a cause. Salary and Benefits 1. The Music Director’s payment will be $320/week for music services provided. 2. Social Security and income taxes will be withheld. Supervision and Evaluation 1. The Music Director will be reviewed at the end of six months. 2. The Music Director is accountable to the Staff Parish Relations Committee, which includes the Pastor and will be assigned a liaison person from this committee each year. 3. The SPR committee will provide an annual performance review, taking into account feedback from the pastor, church members, choir members and the Music & Worship Committee members.