Music Director (New Britain, CT)

Date Posted: 
April 30, 2021
Organization Name: 
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church
Job Description: 

Director of Music Ministry and Organist for St. Francis of Assisi Parish and Central Connecticut State University Campus Ministry. 

1. Essential Functions


  • Assuming responsibility for Parish Music Ministry whether in performance or coordination
  • Play and Sing at up to three Masses on all Sundays or Holy Days of Obligation
  • Play and Sing at other Solemn parish liturgies up to an average of two times per month
  • Play and Sing all weddings and funerals (to be paid in addition to salary).


  • Selecting appropriate liturgical music in consultation with the Pastor
  • Preparing the worship aide booklet
  • Hiring and rehearsing the cantors, instrumentalists, and other musicians as needed
  • Establish a choir and train them in traditional Catholic Liturgical music
  • Instrumental Ensemble: As appropriate incorporate additional instruments into the parish music program 
  • Personal: Maintain high level of proficiency and personal development in the field of Sacred music.


  • Maintain regular hours at the parish office.
  • Maintain proper document filing for the Music Ministry in conjunction with the parish administrative staff


2. Skills, Knowledge and/or Abilities

  • Active member of a Roman Catholic parish faith community
  • Must have a high degree of proficiency in the use of the organ as attested to by formal credentials and a personal performance audition
  • Must have a knowledge and appreciation of the Catholic Church’s liturgical tradition as well as current liturgical practice
  • Must have the ability to play at sight
  • Understanding of basic music theory
  • Enthusiastic willingness to work with people
  • Must have a good knowledge of quality repertoire available for liturgical music programs for adult and children’s choirs, organ and congregation
  • Must be self motivated
  • Ability to adapt to changes in routine or schedule
  • Good manual dexterity


3. Educational Requirements

  • High degree of proficiency in use of the organ and a working knowledge of other instruments.  Degree in Music or Theology preferred. 
  • Knowledge of and proficiency in Traditional Catholic Chant.
  • This position requires experience in parish liturgical music programs.
  • Knowledge and appreciation of liturgical arts and practices
  • Ability to direct choirs and congregational singing
  • Willing to improve knowledge and skills through course work and professional associations.

Physical Requirements/Environmental Conditions:

  • Requires prolonged sitting


Working Environment:

Regular weekend and evening work hours are required.  Along with the regular parish liturgical schedule, musicians may be required to provide music for additional services during Holy Week, sacramental celebrations, weddings and funerals.