Organist & Director of Music, St. Peter Church (Jefferson City, Missouri)

Date Posted: 
July 11, 2022
Organization Name: 
Saint Peter Catholic Church
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Salary Range: 
Base salary: $50,000 (+ benefits), but commensurate with education and experience.
Job Description: 

Primary Function of Organist and Director of Music

Position is Full Time with Benefits

The primary function of the Organist and Director of Music is to assure, direct and facilitate the continuous quality music ministry and to assist the Pastor in directing the liturgical functions at St. Peter Parish.  The Organist and Director of Music makes critical contributions to St. Peter Parish by his/her ability to engage the parish in worship and in the timeless beauty of Catholic liturgies.  



The Organist and Director of Music is directly accountable to the Pastor. 



Regularly informs the Pastor of important accomplishments, needs or problems in all program areas under his/her direction and supervision.

Serves as an active member of the parish staff and attends staff meetings.

Attends meetings of the Divine Worship and Spiritual Development Committee.

Develops long and short-range goals for St. Peter Music Ministry.

Other duties as assigned.


Music Ministry

The overall Music Ministry at St. Peter Parish is developed by the Organist and Director of Music, in collaboration with the Pastor, in a way that encourages the active participation of the faithful in Mass and the other liturgies of the Church.

Encourages parishioners of all ages to participate in Music as their interests, musical gifts and abilities permit.

Plans music for parish liturgical and sacramental functions or celebrations and advises the Pastor as needed.

Plays and/or directs music groups for at least 2 of the 5 weekend Masses.

Assigns other musicians and/or groups to provide music at Masses not covered by him/herself.

Plays, directs or arranges for music for all Holy Day, Christmas, Triduum and Easter Liturgies and Masses.

Provides and implements music guidelines for all parish weddings and funerals in accordance with the Roman Catholic Church and the Diocese of Jefferson City.

Provides or schedules musicians for all parish liturgies including funerals, prayer services and special occasions.

Plays for or arranges musicians for First Communion, Confirmation and Graduation services and Masses.

Oversees all choirs of St. Peter Parish.

Recruits and trains cantors and additional musicians. The Organist and Director of Music holds meetings with cantors to review music, rehearse for upcoming liturgies, and teach new music.

Acts as a resource to St. Peter School, St. Peter PSR program and other parish organizations in areas that require liturgical music.

Oversees and makes recommendations for church sound system.

Manages music licenses and copyright information and ensures that St. Peter Parish is in legal compliance.

Provides supplies and copies of all music for Masses to musicians, cantors and groups as needed.

Ministerial Formation and Professional Development

Develops and adheres to an annual individual ministerial formation and professional development plan that is aligned with Diocesan, parish and/or performance goals.

Attends meetings/workshops that enhance the professional development of the Organist and Director of Music.



Promotes and facilitates effective communication, collaboration and cooperation between participants in music and/or liturgical ministry programs and members of the parish community.

Oversees paid and unpaid participants in St. Peter Music Ministry.

Maintains a routine schedule of office availability.

Responds to voicemail messages and email regarding music ministry and liturgy in a timely manner.

Other duties as assigned.


Budget and Finance

Works with the Pastor and Parish Business Manager in developing an annual budget for music ministry and liturgy.



St. Peter Catholic Church offers a competitive total benefits package including vacation, sick time, medical insurance and retirement savings through the Diocese of Jefferson City.

Vacation: Two weeks of vacation accrue each year until 5th year, then three weeks per year accrue.

Sick Time: 10 days of sick time accrue each year.

Insurance: St. Peter Parish provides life insurance and long-term disability insurance, as well as options for medical, dental, vision and AFLAC through the Diocese of Jefferson City program.

Retirement: 3% of gross annual salary is contributed by St. Peter Church and the Diocese of Jefferson City to The Principal for retirement. A 2% match of employee contributions is also available.

Work Schedule: The Director of Music and Liturgy arranges his/her work scheduled so that all duties required during any given week are accomplished to the best of his/her ability. It is expected that his/her office availability will be arranged to allow for this.

The Parish will provide the Organist and Director of Music with an annual stipend for continuing education.

Base salary: $50,000.  Salary commensurate with education and experience.  


Interested individuals are encouraged to contact: 


Fr. Jeremy Secrist, Pastor 

216 Broadway

Jefferson City, MO 65101