Defiant Spirits at the ISM

September 6, 2019

Organized at Yale by Laura Luís Worden (M.A.R. ’19), the exhibition Defiant Spirits: Fernando Brito’s Sinaloa opened in Miller Hall on September 4. Through the lens of the award-winning Mexican photographer, the show captures the resilience of Sinaloa culture in the midst of the criminalized state, The exhibition is open weekdays 9–4 (except holidays) until December 13. It is part of the 50WomenAtYale150 initiative, celebrating fifty years of women in Yale College and 150 years of women at Yale.

Worden and her collaborators Didier Aubert (Sorbonne Nouvelle University-UMR Thalim) and Barbara E. Mundy (Fordham University) are fellows of the project Material Economies of Religion in the Americas (Project Cycle II) of the Center for the Study of Material & Visual Cultures of Religion (MAVCOR), directed by Sally Promey.

(Pictured here: Barbara E. Mundy, Laura Luís Worden, Fernando Brito, Didier Aubert, Sally Promey) 

Barbara Munday, Laura Worden, Fernando Brito, Didier Aubert, Sally Promey