Welcoming 2014's New Students

December 1, 2014

Each autumn we welcome new students who bring a breadth and depth of diverse backgrounds to our interdisciplinary enterprise. You can read about all our students, both new and returning, here.

Below are pictures from the ISM picnic at the Eli Whitney Museum in September, taken by Katharine Arnold Luce.

  • New ISM faculty member Henry Parkes (center) with his wife Rachel and David Hill
  • Peter Hawkins with Bill Oberg, an ISM guest
  • Prof. Thomas Murray flanked by Felicity Harley McGowan and Andrew McGowan, the new president and dean of Berkeley Divinity School
  • Stephanie Tubiolo, Mindy Chu, and Sara Yanovitch
  • Thomas Troeger, Merle-Marie Troeger, and Andrew McGowan
  • Toni Abildgaard, Martha Brundage, Megan Mitchell, and Emilie Coakley
  • Micah Luce (second from left), Jon Seals, Wesley Hall, and guests
  • ISM fellow Rabindra Goswami, David C. Mahan, and the Rev. Ian Oliver
  • Peeter Thompson (left), Robbie Pennoyer (center), Audrey Fernandez-Fraser and friends
  • Andrew Padgett and Bethany Carlson
  • Adam Perez, Lucass DelPriore and spouses