Yale Lectures in Late Antique and Byzantine Art and Architecture

August 31, 2021

Lecture series organized by Robert S. Nelson, Robert Lehman Professor in the History of Art, and Vasileios Marinis, associate professor of Christian Art and Architecture at the ISM and YDS.

Presented in collaboration with Yale Department of Classics and Yale Department of the History of Art.

Zoom lectures begin at 12 noon Eastern Time; registration is required.


You can register at any time to join a lecture. Your registration is valid for the whole series; attend as many as you like.  You will automatically receive reminders for the lectures. 
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September 10
The Arts of Georgia: Culture, Nationalism, and Byzantine Colonialism
Antony Eastmond, The Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London
Respondent: Nino Zchomelidze, the Johns Hopkins University 

October 8
Face to Face with the Sacred: Icons in the Byzantine Home
Maria Parani, University of Cyprus
Respondent: Anastasia Drandaki, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

November 12
Reception and Adaptation of Byzantine Art in Old Rus in the 11th–12th Centuries
Anna Zakharova, Moscow State University
Respondent: Justin Willson, Princeton University

December 3
Stories for a King: Images and Narratives at the Holy Cross of Aght’amar
Ioanna Rapti, École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris
Respondent: Christina Maranci, Tufts University

January 14

Architectural Restoration and the Sensory Experience of Time in Late Antiquity
Ann Marie Yasin, University of Southern California
Respondent: Kimberly Bowes, University of Pennsylvania

February 11
Staging Late Antiquity: An 11th Century Revolution in Ethiopian Architecture
Mikael Muehlbauer, American Council of Learned Societies
Respondent: Jacopo Gnisci, University College London

March 11
“Towards a Higher Vision” and “Inside the Depth of Words”: The Aesthetics of Layering in Byzantine Art and Literature
Panagiotis Agapitos, University of Cyprus
Respondent: Emmanuel Bourbouhakis, Princeton University

April 8
The Ziyareti of Kykkos: The Kykkotissa Meets the Ottomans
Annemarie Weyl Carr, Southern Methodist University (emerita)
Respondent: Robert S. Nelson, Yale University