Organist/Director of Music (Rutherford, NJ)

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February 19, 2018
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Job Title: Organist/Director of Music
Organization Name: First Presbyterian Church of Rutherford
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Job Description:
First Presbyterian Church
Rutherford, NJ

Position:  Organist/Director of Music

The Organist/Director of Music must have the musical ability, creativity and
training required for the position. The individual must have an
understanding of and agreement with the theology and polity of the Christian
faith. The individual will display sensitivity and concern for individuals
and the church, and possess the necessary leadership skills to develop the
music program in concert with the Pastor and the Worship & Music committee.

 Music Ministry

The Organist/Director of Music, in consultation with the Pastor, has primary
responsibility for the music ministry of the Church, helping the Congregation
worship and grow spiritually through the gift of music.  The Congregation
enjoys an eclectic blend of traditional and contemporary music.  The music
ministry also includes outreach to the wider community through special music
events that provide inspiration, enjoyment and fellowship.

The Organist/Director of Music is accountable to the Pastor as head of
staff and Session through the Worship & Music committee.


Church Services
1.      The Organist/Director of Music will work with the Pastor and the Worship &
Music committee to develop and design the music programs to be used for
various worship experiences, including the recruitment and development of the
choir and other musicians as needed.  Responsibilities will also include:
a.      playing the organ or piano during weekly Church Services at 8 am and 10 am
b.      providing music and any other musicians where appropriate
c.      providing appropriate choral music during services of worship
d.      preparing, rehearsing and directing the Chancel Choir, by holding weekly
rehearsals (except during the summer) and providing leadership to the choir
in choral technique
e.      securing appropriate substitute musical leadership replacements during
approved time off.
2.      Other responsibilities related to Church Services, include:
a.      Congregational Singing: leading the congregation in singing during worship
services and developing ways to increase the congregation’s participation
in the music ministry of the church by:
i.      recruiting people to sing in the choir and otherwise offer their musical
ii.     increasing the congregation’s understanding and enjoyment of
congregational singing
b.      Instrumental Music: Exploring the use of various options, such as
recorders, hand bells, Orff instruments, etc.
c.      Children’s Music: Provide oversight for a music program for children and
youth as requested by the Christian Education committee through the Worship &
Music committee.
d.      Temporary Paid Musicians:  Audition and hire temporary singers and
instrumental musicians as needed, within budget guidelines, making
recommendations under the direction of the Session through the Worship &
Music committee.
e.      Instrument, Music & Choir Robe Maintenance: Provide for the routine care,
regular tuning and maintenance of the organs and pianos.  Maintain inventory
of all music instruments of the church, the music library and choir robes,
making recommendations for appropriate action to the Session through the
Worship and Music committee.
f.      Music Library: Keep abreast of new sacred choral and church music.
g.      Budget Responsibility:  Request new music purchases for the music library
and for special events through the Worship & Music committee and provide
assistance in the preparation of the annual music ministry budget.              
Special Services and Events established by Session.
1.      Prepare and play music appropriate for the Church’s special services on
Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services.
2.      Prepare and play music appropriate for weddings and funerals, on a fee
basis, as approved by Session. The Organist/Director of Music is responsible
for securing an appropriate substitute if unable to play at a wedding or
3.      Coordinate with relevant committees to plan and supervise special music
events i.e. the annual Christmas Concert, Labor Day Street Fair, Karen Kaiser
Concert Series, and Bach Birthday Lunch Program.
4.      Collaborate with the Worship & Music committee to recommend new events.

        Administrative Duties
1.      Submit weekly music selection and information for Sunday bulletins and
bulletins for all special services.
2.      Provide articles and information for Tidings/The Church website/Social
Media/Annual Report.
3.      Insure that the use of sheet music complies with copyright laws.
4.      Attend weekly staff meeting with the Pastor and participate in monthly
Worship & Music committee meetings.
The 350-seat sanctuary has a restored 71 stop, 3 manual Moeller pipe organ
(enhanced with 9 Walker digitals), along with an upright piano.

The 120-seat chapel has a 50 stop Walker digital organ, along with a grand

Two octaves of handbells, timpani, several Orff instruments, and small
Specifications of the two organs can be viewed on the church’s web site –
Performance reviews will be conducted annually, no later than November,
according to the Personnel Policy.

Part-time position (30 hours), subject to the terms in the “Employment
Contract” and the Church Policies and Procedures.

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