Autumn 2007



Welcome and Forward


Destination: Mexico

Mexico: Mystery, Music, and Faith - Ricardo Valenzuela

The Virgin of Guadalupe: A Painting of New Spain - Clara Bargellini

Pipe Organs in Viceregal Mexico (1530-1820): Shifting Significations and Styles - Edward C. Pepe

The Splendor of Mexican Matins: Sonority & Structure in Jerusalem’s Matins for the Virgin of Guadalupe - Craig H. Russell

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The Mystery of the Rosary Cantorales: A Study in Attribution - Lorenzo Candelaria

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Sacred Space: A Conference

Ecclesiology and Church Design: A Balancing Act in Times of Transition - Richard S. Vosko

Placing the Sacred: Reflections on Contemporary American Church Architecture - Louis P. Nelson

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On the Spirituality of Spatial Emptiness: The Example of St. Peter’s in Cologne - Friedhelm Mennekes

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Liturgy and Theology: Then and Now

Christian Inculturation in Eighth-Century Northumbria: The Bewcastle and Ruthwell Crosses   - Éamonn Ó Carragáin

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Ritual Action↔Global Action - Janet Walton


Bach in the Blood

Johann Sebastian Bach’s St. John Passion from 1725: A Liturgical Interpretation - Markus Rathey

Bach’s St. John Passion and the Jews - Michael Marissen

Staffing J.S. Bach’s St. Matthew Passion Then and Now - Daniel R. Melamed


Students Presenting in 2005-2006:


ISM students who made their Colloquium 
presentations in the 2005-2006 year were:

Stephanie Abbott Bailey (MDiv)

Dianne Bilyak (Master of Arts in Religion)

Ryan Brandau (MM choral conducting)

Vincent A. Carr (MM organ)

Derek Chester (MM voice)

Elizabeth Churchill (MDiv)

Matthew Croasmun (Master of Arts in Religion)

Stephen Fraser (MM organ)

Marisa Green (MM choral conducting)

John-Eric Gundersen (MM organ)

Joel Hanisek (MDiv)

Mellissa Hughes (MM voice)

Erika Jones (MDiv)

Daniel Koh (MM choral conducting)

Matthew Kustenbauder (MDiv)

Dong-ho Lee (MM organ)

Scott Libson (Master of Arts in Religion)

Colin Lynch (MM organ)

Robinson McClellan (MM composition)

Elizabeth Melchionna (MDiv)

Alan Murchie (MDiv)

Krishan Oberoi (MM choral conducting)

Dora Odarenko (MDiv)

Jacqueline C. Richard (Master of Arts in Religion)

Emily Scott (MDiv)

Kaji Spellman (MDiv)

Jared Stahler (MDiv)

Frederick Teardo (MM organ)

Andrew Tengwall (MDiv)

Danielle Tumminio (MDiv)

Kelly Van Andel (MDiv)

Douglas Williams (MM voice)

Note: Holland Jancaitis (MM choral conducting) made his presentation in 2004-2005 but was inadvertently omitted from the previous volume.