The Yale Institute of Sacred Music is a vibrant interdisciplinary community of about 70 students, 26 faculty, 8 fellows and postdocs, and 20 staff, who live, learn, laugh and travel together. In addition, we have well over 500 alumni, and count alumni of the Masters of Sacred Music program at Union Theological Seminary as our alumni, too!  Catch a glimpse of our ISM community here.


  • Schola leaves for India tour
     Schola leaves for India tour
  • mystery play on the quad
     mystery play on the quad
  • relaxing during international study tour
     relaxing during international study tour
  • panel discussion
     panel discussion
  • ready to perform
     ready to perform
  • art critics
     art critics
  • choral event in Marquand Chapel
     choral event in Marquand Chapel
  • rehearsal in the organ loft
     rehearsal in the organ loft
  • master class
     master class
  • singing in Camerata
     singing in Camerata
  • conducting master class with Simon Halsey
     conducting master class with Simon Halsey
  • Colloquium scene
     Colloquium scene
  • Picnic
  • Colloquium scene
     Colloquium scene
  • Colloquium student
     Colloquium student
  • Colloquium scene
     Colloquium scene
  • studying the score
     studying the score
  • voice lesson
     voice lesson