Marquand Chapel

Worship in Marquand ChapelEcumenical Worship in Marquand Chapel is a time set apart every morning when the community gathers to pray and give praise to God. It is planned and led by the students, faculty, administrators and staff of Yale Divinity School and Institute of Sacred Music and is ecumenical in its mission. A different person or group of people leads each day. The Dean of Chapel and Chapel Ministers work with everyone who leads worship in order to balance the chapel’s twofold mission as a place where liturgy is learned and as a spiritually nourishing point on campus.

One of the main ways we achieve this balance is by inviting worship leaders to draw deeply on their own denominations’ liturgical traditions while, at the same time, orienting those traditions to make them accessible to as many people in this community as possible.

Worship begins at 10:30 AM; from Monday through Thursday, the service is thirty minutes long; on Fridays it is forty-five minutes. All are welcome.



Chapel Staff


Dean of Marquand Chapel | Maggi Dawn

Director of Chapter Music | Nathaniel Gumbs

Liturgical Coordinator |

Gospel and Inspirational Choir Director | Mark Miller


Student Chapel Team Members

Dax Crocker

Lisa Eleck 

Ann Jacob

Jessica Jones

Jason Land

Robert Laughton

Megan McDermott

Kevin McKoy

Jillian Morrison

Evan Parke 

Johnson Ramsaur 

Liesl Spitz

Susan Wentzy


Matthew Cramer  (Marquand Chapel Choir Director)


Marquand Chapel Organ Scholars | Nicholas Quardokus, Gabriel Benton, Christopher Keady