2014 Student Prizes and Scholarships

2014 Prizes and Scholarships


The Hugh Giles Prize

Max Holman and Joanna Murdoch


The Hugh Porter Prize

Sarah Godbehere and Nathaniel Widelitz


The Edwin Stanley Seder Prize

David Recca


The Aidan Kavanagh Achievement Prize

Balint Karosi


The Director’s Prize (best Colloquium presentation)

Benton Blasingame and Justin Crisp


The Richard Paul DeLong Prize

Knox Sutterfield


Liturgical Studies Prize

Justin Crisp and Peter Johnston


The Faculty Prize

Kathleen Allan and Justin Crisp


The Margot Fassler Prize in the Performance of Sacred Music

Kyle Stegall


Students’ Choice for Best Colloquium Presentation

Katie Cadigan and Andrew Padgett

The Robert Baker Scholarship

Patrick Kreeger and Daniel O’Connor


The Mary Baker Scholarship in Organ Accompanying

Tate Addis and Robert Bennesh


The Hugh Porter Scholarship

Mark Biggins


The E. Stanley Seder Scholarship

Edmund Milly


The Louise E. MacLean Scholarship

Emilie Coakley


The Dominique de Menil Scholarship

Carolyn Rolleston


ISM Community Award

Justin Crisp and Megan Francisco