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Student presentations will be graded on the system: Pass with distinction, Pass, Pass with reservation, or Fail. All ISM faculty members will grade your presentation and submit one or two remarks. The Director will collate all the information, adjudicate the grade and convey the faculty comments to the students. Students whose presentations do not pass will not receive credit for the semester of colloquium in which they presented; therefore they will not receive the ISM Certificate.

2019–2020 Colloquium Schedule

2018–2019 Colloquium Guidelines (2019–2020 guidelines coming soon)

Colloquium Partner & Topic Request Form

2018–2019 Topic Proposal Form (2019–2020 form coming soon)

Colloquium Grant Request Form

Student Grant Application Forms

Music Competition (for ISM-YSM students)

Professional Event (for ISM-YDS students)

Summer Language Study for ISM Students

Student Collaborations (for teams of 2 YDS and 2 YSM students–ISM only)


Faculty forms coming soon.