Scene from field trip to Grace Farms


The ISM reaches out to local and national communities of faith, and worldwide to its alumni, to scholars and to all interested in the intersections of sacred music, worship, and the arts.  Pictured below is just a small sampling of the ISM’s many initiatives. Explore the Congregations Project and some of our other past offerings here.

NEW and Coming Soon

After a period of reflection, the ISM is launching a series of new initiatives, many centered around themes of diversity, equity, and inclusion that were the focus of intensive discussions with ISM faculty, alumni, students, and other collaborators at Yale and beyond.

These include a 4-part webinar series on “Accompanying the Dying and the Dead in the Time of Covid” in June, 2021; a series of annual conferences on “Black Sacred Arts” kicking off in 2022; a new choral commissioning program; and much more to be announced. 

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  • Community Hymn Festival
    Community Choirs at Hymn Festival
  • Visiting Yale/Singapore
    ISM visits Yale/Singapore
  • Alumni Celebration
    Alumni Celebration with Robert and Mary Baker
  • Congregations project discussion
    Congregations Project discussion
  • Community Hymn Festival
    Singing Hymns in Woolsey Hall
  • Congregations Project Plenary
    Congregations Project: Plenary
  • Labyrinth
    Congregations Project: Laybrinth