SDQ-ISM Practice Room Wing


None required

Swipe access:

ISM music faculty, students, and staff

The ISM will use this room for:

  • ISM music student practice
  • ISM secondary instrumental lessons
  • YDS student practice when not in use by ISM students

Health and safety guidelines for musical activities:

  • Masking is not required when alone in a practice room
  • Lessons take precedence over practice time
  • No singing is allowed in these practice rooms
  • Lockers are available for ISM music students to use at will
  • No flush time requirement
  • No duration limit
  • Keyboard instruments will be cleaned by instrument curators.  Please wash hands before and after use
  • Under no circumstances are any doors to be propped open when unmasked in a practice room
  • If you open a window in a practice room, close it before exiting
  • No furniture, instruments, or equipment may be moved in or out of any room
  • Do not eat in the practice rooms.  Only water is permitted
  • Do not unplug the damp-chasers set up to protect the pianos
  • Do not leave personal items unattended in a practice room