New Music: 1602

Event time: 
Sunday, May 1, 2005 - 1:00pm
Event description: 

New Haven Lawn Club | 193 Whitney Avenue

Free and open to the public.

Information at 203.432.9671


On Sunday, May 1, a recital entitled New Music: 1602 will feature singers Mellissa Hughes, Ian Howell, Derek Chester, and Douglas Williams, under the direction of Visiting Lecturer Judith Malafronte, in music dealing with grief and separation, betrayal and unrequited love, set to music of dazzling harmonic boldness and rhythmic variety. Hailed as revolutionary in the early 17th century, these songs of Giulio Caccini, Sigismondo D’India, and Claudio Saracini were written in a new flamboyant compositional style and led to the creation of the world’s first operas. Excerpts from the dramatic works of Claudio Monteverdi will highlight the expressive power of this new form.

Following on the success of last fall’s program Ayres and Ballads for Pub and Palace, the four singers in the ISM/YSM vocal seminar have been exploring Italian music from the same era. They have also introduced listeners to some of the sacred repertoire of the 17th century, focusing on solo motets by women composers.

The May 1st concert will feature secular music, both solo and ensemble, in the consciously new style boldly announced by Caccini in his 1602 publication Le nuove musiche. Interspersed among the songs will be readings from critics, teachers and musicians from the period, which will enlighten as well as enliven the proceedings. The hour-long recital will be held at the New Haven Lawn Club, 193 Whitney Avenue in New Haven. It is free and open to the public; no tickets are required.