Director of Chancel Choir and Organist (Washington, DC)

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January 29, 2020
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Peoples Congregational United Church of Christ
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Peoples Congregational United Church of Christ

Rev. Brandon Harris, Senior Minister ~ Email:

4704 13th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20011 – Church Tel. 202-829-5511


Job Description

Chancel Choir Director/Organist



Peoples Congregational United Church of Christ is a progressive Christian community called by faith, led by hope and united by love to build strong and committed disciples for Jesus Christ and to be a spiritual presence locally and globally in service to humanity. 



The Chancel Choir Director/Organist is responsible for preparing classical and traditional anthems, spirituals and musical offerings that appeal to a multi-generational congregation for two to three services each month.  These musical offerings help to create a spiritual setting in reverence to God during worship.  The position is two-fold and includes the Chancel Choir Director and Organist.  The Choir offers music from the classical music literature available at the church, in addition to the traditional spirituals, and diverse genres. The Chancel Choir and Organist shall lead the congregation in the singing of hymns from the two hymnals currently in use at the church (New Century Hymnal and African American Heritage Hymnal).  The organist provides preludes, postludes and offertory selections from the standard pipe organ literature. The Dodson Memorial organ designed by Moller builders is a 3 manual organ  with full pedalboard, 49 ranks, 54 stops, and 3,151 pipes.

  1. Educational Background and Experience
  1. College degree(s) preferred.  Provide transcript with date and degree conferred.
  2. Provide a detailed résumé or curriculum vitae of your educational background and the degree(s) conferred.  Include your study of choral conducting, organ study, sight reading and voice that demonstrate your qualifications for the position.  Highlight your work experience in leading a choir while playing the organ, selecting anthems and hymns for worship, and your ability to sight read.  Identify the places where you served as choir director and organist such as various churches, colleges/universities, schools, or other). 
  3. Provide three references for the committee to contact by telephone regarding your professional work experiences and personal character.
  4. Provide a listing of your experiences directing special musical ensembles for high holy days such as Christmas and Easter (String Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, Timpani).


  1. General Duties and Planning
  1. Plan, organize, lead, and coordinate the preparation of choral music for the Chancel Choir
  2. Provide liturgical organ music for worship services throughout the year from the standard organ literature (Preludes and Postludes), including Christmas programs, Easter, Lenten services, Thanksgiving service, and special commemorative services designated by the church.
  3. Arrange for weekly Chancel Choir rehearsals, including a rehearsal on the Sunday morning when the Chancel Choir sings, January through December, except August.  Arrange for choir soloists and instrumentalists as needed for special performances.
  4. Serve as organist for weddings, funerals, and memorial services as requested, which may be subject to additional compensation according to the church fee schedule for such services.
  5. Provide oversight of the music preparation for the Chancel Choir, soloists, choral music library, and special music for instrumentalists who perform with the choir for Lessons and Carols and Easter (Brass Ensemble and Timpani).
  6. Promote fellowship and aid in the recruitment of new chancel choir members.
  7. Collaborate and participate in regular planning meetings with the minister.


  1. Administrative
  1. Meet deadlines for weekly Order of Worship services.
  2. Oversee the upkeep of the music library of anthems and choral responses used for worship services (including oratorios and other music copies).
  3. Schedule weekly rehearsals of the Chancel Choir.
  4. Arrange for the selection and acquisition of choral music and supplies used in worship services in accordance with the financial policies of the church.
  5. Manage the preparation and submission of reports, estimates, and payroll requests for musicians by specific deadlines (soloists, brass ensemble, etc.).
  6. Ensure the satisfactory maintenance of sanctuary instruments (pipe organ and grand piano) used for worship services. 
  7. Assist with finding a substitute organist or choir director when not personally available to carry out these duties.
  8. Arrange for instrumentalists and vocalists as needed for special Holy Days.
  9. Communicate effectively with minister, chancel choir members, church staff, and others.
  10. Other duties that may be assigned.


  1. Compensation
  1. Compensation will be based on the candidate’s education and experience, as well as the financial resources of the church.  Health, vacation and/or benefits are negotiable and are a component of compensation.


If you are selected as one of the finalists for the position, you will be invited to an in-person interview, which will include conducting a rehearsal of the Chancel Choir, playing an organ prelude and/or postlude, and sight reading a hymn or other composition chosen by the interview panel.  If you are the selected candidate for the position, you will need to pass a formal background check performed by the contractor of the church.


Label all submissions/documents as For Chancel Choir Director/Organist Position.

Please submit all requested information, YouTube performances, pdf files of programs and other documents as part of your package to the electronic address or physical address of the church no later than March 1, 2020.


         Email Address: Rev. Brandon Harris



            Physical Address:

Peoples Congregational United Church of Christ

            Attention:  Rev. Brandon Harris

            4704 13th Street, NW

            Washington, DC 20011