Music Director (Katonah, NY)

Date Posted: 
December 2, 2021
Organization Name: 
Katonah United Methodist Church
Salary Range: 
$200 per Sunday
Job Description: 

Director of Music Ministry Job Description  

Katonah and Purdys United Methodist Churches  

Overall, the Director of Music Ministry will be a partner with the Pastor in the development of the worship service and identify hymns and music that will enhance the spirituality of the worship service.  

The Director of Music Ministry is an employee of both churches, and the employee- employer relationship is maintained by the Staff-Parish Relations CommitteeKatonah has an Odell pipe organ built in 1969, a Kurzweil SP88 Stage Piano  keyboard, and a Wurlitzer spinet piano. Purdys has a Yamaha baby grand piano.


• Accomplished keyboardist. Organ skills welcomed.  

• Experience directing choirs.  

• Knowledge and appreciation for a wide variety of choral and musical styles, including classical, jazz, gospel, folk, and contemporary Christian.  

• Strong communication and organizational skills.  

• Ability to foster relationships among a variety of age groups.  

Specific duties include:  

1. Select all choral and instrumental music for regular services, taking care to make these selections with reference to the seasons of the Christian year and to special themes of the services in consultation with the pastor.

2. Provide organ or keyboard music for 10:30 service each Sunday of the year and some additional services. The additional seasonal services may include Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Lent and/or Holy Week, Thanksgiving, and ecumenical events. Involvement in alternative church services or programs may also be requested for a music program to be determined with the Pastor.  Play "meditation music", i.e. quiet music appropriate for preparation for worship, ten minutes before the Sunday service. 

For the Christmas Eve and Easter services, in consultation with the Pastor and as the budget permits, the Director of Music Ministry will hire, at the church's expense, additional musicians to enhance the worship experience  

3. Practice all organ and/or keyboard music, as necessary, in preparation for each Sunday/special service.  

4. Be responsible for the organization, operation and direction of an adult choir.  An eclectic mix of musical styles is desired within the ability of the choir members. The Director of Music Ministry will choose an anthem appropriate to the theme of the worship service each week. A practice recording will be sent by the Music Director to choir members so that choir members can rehearse at home at their own pace. A short in-person run-through will be held at 9:45 am on Sunday.

The Director of Music Ministry shall avoid anthems that use exclusive language, or adjust the wording of anthems to remove exclusive language without adversely affecting the meaning or intention of the original message.  

5. The Pastor will select the hymns for worship. The Director of Music Ministry will prepare the choir to lead the congregational singing of hymns in the worship service.  The successful candidate will have the ability to provide music in a virtual environment (zoom, etc) should worship in the sanctuary not be possible.

6. Be responsible for proposing an annual music budget to the Committee on  Finance and Stewardship, purchase new music within the approved budget, and organize and store all music, tapes, CD's etc. in the designated storage areas within the church buildings.  

The Director of Music Ministry shall be recommended by the Pastor for other  services such as weddings, wedding rehearsals and funerals. Fees for this service will be set by the Director of Music Ministry in consultation with the Pastor and Staff-Parish Relations Committee and paid by the couple/family for weddings and by the family of the deceased for funerals


The starting salary for the Director of Music Ministry is $200 per Sunday. It shall be reviewed annually. Standard deductions shall be made by the Treasurer as required by State and Federal law.  

Terms of Employment  

There is no set period of employment. This agreement may be terminated by either party upon one month's written notice to the other party