March 23, 2016

Teresa Berger gave a plenary address titled “From Brooding Over Waters to Moving Through Cyberspace: Cartographies of the Holy Spirit,” at the Society for Pentecostal Studies annual conference in San Dimas, CA, March 11, 2016.

She also published “Reflections on the Church at Worship and the ‘Lieutenant Nun’.” in Ecclesiology in the Trenches: Theory and Method under Construction, ed. Sune Fahlgren and Jonas Idestrom, Church of Sweden Research Series 10, pp. 208-219. Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick Publications, 2015. 

Most importantly: the new volume from the most recent ISM Liturgy Conference 2014, which she co-edited with Bryan Spinks, is about to be published by Liturgical Press:  Liturgy’s Imagined Pasts: Methodologies and Materials in the Writing of Liturgical History Today. (Liturgical Press, 2016).  She authored one of the essays in the book:  “Liturgical Historiography and Gender Obliviousness: Re-Dressing an Imagined Past.”  More info can be found here.


Henry Parkes attended the annual meeting of the Medieval Academy of America meeting in Boston, in late February, at which were also faculty emerita Margot Fassler (currently first vice-president of MAA), Andrew Irving (ISM postdoc 2012-13), and Joanna Murdoch (M.A.R. ’15).

He also recently received an A. Whitney Griswold grant for research in Europe this summer on his new book project entitled When Chant Became Gregorian: Constructions of Musical Authority from the Carolingians to the Cistercians (also the topic of his ISM liturgy symposium presentation, given in February 2016).


Markus Rathey has published a new book, entitled Bach’s Major Vocal Works: Music, Drama, Liturgy (Yale University Press, 2016).  He published a related article “Composing a Sequel—Bach’s Easter Oratorio and his St. John Passion” Yale University Press’ blog, and on March 26, was interviewed about the book for the program “Music Matters” on BBC Radio 3.  For more info, and to listen to the interview, click here.

He also chaired a session at the annual conference for the Society for Christian Scholarship in Music, held in Boston this past February. Several other ISM members past and present gave papers or were involved in other parts of the program: Emilie Coakley (M.A.R. ‘15) presented a paper, Martha Brundage (M.A.R. ‘15) participated in a panel discussion, Megan Francisco (M.A.R. ‘14) chaired a panel discussion, current ISM Fellow John Graham presented a paper, as did Jennifer Bloxam (ISM Fellow 2013-14), and Deborah Justice (ISM postdoc 2012-13).

 Marissa Glynias (Yale doctoral student in ethnomusicology), Martha Brundage, Emilie Coakley, and Adam Perez (M.A.R. ’16)

SCSM PHOTO (from their Facebook page): Marissa Glynias (Yale doctoral student in ethnomusicology), Martha Brundage, Emilie Coakley, and Adam Perez (M.A.R. ’16)









Christian Wiman received Sewanee Review’s Aiken Taylor Award in Modern Poetry, awarded to a particularly distinguished and important contemporary American poet.  Read more about the award here