Yale Lectures in Late Antique and Byzantine Art and Architecture

August 8, 2022

Yale Lectures in Late Antique and Byzantine Art and Architecture

Lecture series organized by Robert S. Nelson, Robert Lehman Professor in the History of Art, and Vasileios Marinis, Professor of Christian Art and Architecture at the ISM and YDS.

Presented in collaboration with Yale Department of Classics and Yale Department of the History of Art.

Zoom lectures begin at 12 noon Eastern Time; registration is required.


You can register at any time to join a lecture. Your registration is valid for the whole series; attend as many as you like.  You will automatically receive reminders for the lectures. 
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September 9

Windows onto Sanctity: Monks’s Cells and Hagioscopes in Byzantine Churches
Robert Ousterhout, University of Pennsylvania
Respondent: Vasileios Marinis, Yale University

October 14

From Crete to Singapore via Rome and St. Louis. An Orthodox Icon Becomes Catholic  
Robert S. Nelson, Yale University
Respondent: Annemarie Weyl Carr, Southern Methodist University

November 11

Fear and Artistic Authority in the Middle Byzantine Period
Ravinder Binning, The Ohio State University
Respondent: Foteini Spingou, University of Edinburgh

December 9

Discovering the Byzantine Object in Late Ottoman Istanbul: Diplomacy, Archaeology, and Collecting
Brigitte Pitarakis, CNRS, Paris
Respondent: Selin Unluonen, Oberlin College

January 13

The Golden Threads of Orthodoxy: Revisiting the Materiality and Function
of Early Palaiologan Epitaphioi

Anastasia Drandaki, University of Athens
Respondent: Warren Woodfin, Queens College, CUNY

February 10

The Donor and His House. Inscriptions in the Late Roman Domestic Context
Elisabeth Rathmayr and Veronika Scheibelreiter-Gail, Austrian Academy of Sciences
Respondent: Anna Sitz, University of Heidelberg

March 10

The Historical Frieze on the Arch of Constantine
Sarah Bassett, Indiana University Bloomington
Respondent: Noel Lenski, Yale University

April 14

Migrant Greeks: Comparing Feofan Grek and Domenico Greco
Charles Barber, Princeton University
Respondent: Maria Vassilaki, University of Thessaly