Wayang sebagai Media Ekologi: Buku Pintar Kreativitas pada Masa Perubahan Iklim [Wayang as an Ecological Medium: A Sourcebook for Creativity in a Time of Climate Change]

Wayang is not only a survival from the past but a living art with potential to speak directly to the current global climate change crisis. This sourcebook is intended for artists, activists, administrators, and culture lovers who wish to explore how wayang in the past and the most innovative contemporary wayang companies are able to speak about local agrarian issues and global environmental challenges. Key to this are a set of ritual dramas around the rice goddess Dewi Sri that maintain agrarian order and respond to emerging ecological problems. These dramas though originating in the ancient past have the flexibility to be adapted for present concerns and are potent tools for community resilience. With commissioned essays by leading environmental scientists from the United Kingdom, selections from Dutch colonial literature on wayang as ritual drama, translations of relevant plays, incantations, academic essays, and profiles of leading contemporary wayang companies, this book offers scope for a new view of wayang as an ecological medium.