Yvonne Chireau

Dialogic Keynote I: Stories, Rituals and Ancestors on the Path to Healing 


Yvonne Chireau is professor in the department of religion at Swarthmore College, where she teaches courses on theories of religion, Africana religions, and American religious history. She is the author of Black Magic: Religion and the African American Conjuring Tradition (2003) and the co-editor of Black Zion: African American Religions and Judaism (1999). Her varied thoughts on the historical intersections between magic, Africana religions, comics, and popular culture tropes of black spirituality can be found at the research blog The Academic Hoodoo (academichoodoo.com). She is currently co-producing a documentary film about contemporary reclamations of the African American ancestral traditions known as ConjureHoodoo, and Rootworking by millennial practitioners, artists, educators, and entrepreneurs.

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