December 2021 News Archive

Bryan Spinks
December 20, 2021
Faculty News In this new online video series, ISM faculty members Teresa Berger, James Taylor, Jeff Douma, Vasileios Marinis, and David Mahan talk about the ISM’s programs...
Martin Jean
December 20, 2021
Faculty Search Updates Martin Jean The ISM is beginning a number of faculty searches this year. As you can imagine, hiring freezes due to the pandemic have delayed us, as...
December 17, 2021
We’re so excited about our Interdisciplinary Program in Music and the Black Church, we’ve added an entirely new tab to our website menu.  In this new space, you...
Masked students in Marquand Chapel
December 16, 2021
As always, many of our students, both new and returning, took advantage of the opportunity to introduce themselves to PRISM readers. (Photos by Faith Hahn) C.E. Aaron (M.A.R...
singers wearing masks
December 9, 2021
The ISM Year in Review for the past academic year is now available for browsing!