Congregations Project 2015 Summer Seminar

June 26, 2015

This past week, teams from seven different congregations around the U.S. and Canada gathered at the ISM for the fifth annual Congregations Project Summer Seminar.  This year’s theme, “From Generation to Generation,” addressed the relationships between generations within a church community, and each team presented projects that helped them address the generational needs of their particular communities.  With morning and evening prayer, plenary sessions given by Dorothy Bass, Don Saliers, Maggi Dawn, and Rita Ferrone, workshops led by Jimmy Abington and John Ferguson, and a community hymn festival, and cultural activities in New Haven, it was a week filled with refreshment for mind, body, and soul.  To learn more about each participating congregation and their project, click here.  Stay tuned for a full report of this year’s seminar in the coming weeks!  

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