LETTERS Journal, No. 11

June 7, 2021

We’re thrilled to announce the publication of the Summer 2021 LETTERS Journal, a semi-annual journal of literature and visual art attending to the force and friction of religion, spirituality, and belief within contemporary experience. Completely run by students, its editor this year is Josiah Cox (YDS M.A.R. ‘21).

The issue includes the 2021 Frederich Buechner prize-winning essay, “My Mild Stigmata: The Possibility of a Mystical Modern Life,” by Spencer Clark French (YDS M.A.R. ‘21), other non-fiction by Deborah Ann Wong and Heather M. Surls, fiction by Kayla Beth Moore, and poems by Nidhi Agrawal, Sonia Blank, Gabriella Fee, Gabe LePage (YDS M.A.R. candidate), and John Poch, as well as an interview with the Yale poet Danielle Chapman