Yale Lectures in Late Antique and Byzantine Art and Architecture

ancient coin
August 21, 2020

This lecture series is organized by Robert S. Nelson, Robert Lehman Professor in the History of Art, and Vasileios Marinis, Associate Professor of Christian Art and Architecture at the ISM and YDS. Support is provided by the Department of Classics and the Department of the History of Art. 



Zoom lectures begin at 12 noon Eastern Time; registration is required. You can register at any time to join a lecture. Your registration is valid for the whole series; attend as many as you like.  

Register for each Zoom webinar by clicking on the lecture title.

September 11
Visual Epitome in Late Antique Art
Jaś Elsner, University of Oxford
Respondent: Maria Doerfler, Yale

October 9
Visual Mastery of the Hippodrome?: Rethinking the Imperial Image in Byzantium
Paroma Chatterjee, University of Michigan
Respondent: Jacqueline Jung, Yale

November 13
Everlasting Monument [արձան մշտնջենաւոր]:
Ani Cathedral and its Contexts

Christina Maranci, Tufts University
Respondent: Vasileios Marinis, Yale

December 11
What do Mosaics Want? Or, Wall Mosaics and the Space between Viewer and Viewed
Liz James, University of Sussex
Respondent: Robert S. Nelson, Yale

January 8
The Nativity Church in Bethlehem in the Light of Recent Restorations
Michele Bacci, University of Fribourg
Respondent: Ariel Fine, Yale 

February 12
From Domestic to Divine: The Mosaics of Late Antique Syria
Sean Leatherbury, University College, Dublin
Respondent: Örgü Dalgıç, Yale

March 12
Africa in Late Antiquity: Faith, Politics, and Commerce between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea  
Andrea Achi, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Respondent: Felicity Harley, Yale

April 9
Auro, argento, aere perennius: Byzantine Art in and through Coins 4th–15th Centuries  
Cécile Morrisson, CNRS and Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres
Respondent: Benjamin Dieter R. Hellings, Yale