The ISM offices are located in Sterling Divinity Quadrangle, where most staff and some faculty are housed. Additionally, the choral studio houses the ISM choral library, and the Great Hall is the venue for many classes and the weekly Colloquium. Four practice organs, three piano rooms, and the Pasi studio organ are also located here.

Members of the Yale community have access to some of the finest libraries and collections in the world. In addition, there are dedicated facilities for study, practice, and performance at Yale School of Music and Yale Divinity School.

Music Facilities

The main buildings of the School of Music are Leigh Hall at 435 College Street; Sprague Memorial Hall, which also houses Morse Recital Hall, at 470 College Street; and Hendrie Hall at 165 Elm Street. The new Adams Center for Musical Arts will open in the fall of 2016The Adams Center will physically and figuratively connect the School and will include the complete renovation of Hendrie, approximately doubling its size and, via a lofty student atrium, private courtyard, and cloister, will link to Leigh Hall and serve as a social center for both Yale College and School of Music students. A dedicated orchestra rehearsal room will be one of the many focal points of the new complex; and the studios, practice spaces, and classrooms within the center will feature the latest technology and acoustical construction techniques.

Marquand Chapel, at the heart of Sterling Divinity Quadrangle, is home to two pipe organs (see separate section), and a Hammond B-3 electronic organ. The instruments, the acoustics, and its flexible seating arrangements make Marquand Chapel a unique performance space at Yale.

Students have the opportunity for organ practice and performance on the extensive collection of fine instruments at the University, described in a separate section, as well two-manual practice organs by Flentrop, Holtkamp, Casavant, and others located in Woolsey Hall and at the ISM, which also houses five Steinway grand pianos, a C.B. Fisk positive, a Dowd harpsichord, and a two-manual Richard Kingston harpsichord.

Divinity School Facilities

The Sterling Divinity Quadrangle at 409 Prospect Street is the home of the ISM. The complex also includes the Yale Divinity School, Berkeley Divinity School at Yale, the Center for Faith and Culture, Marquand Chapel, classrooms, administrative offices, the Divinity Library, dining hall, common room, and two guest lodges.

Since 1971, Berkeley Divinity School at Yale, an Episcopal seminary, has been affiliated with Yale Divinity School. Berkeley Divinity School retains its identity through its board of trustees, its dean, and the Berkeley Center located at 363 St. Ronan Street. Episcopal students come under the care of the dean of Berkeley Divinity School for spiritual formation and counseling, but are not differentiated from other Yale Divinity School students. As a result of the affiliation, there is one integrated student body and faculty.