Recently retired from Yale, Thomas Murray looks back on his storied career.

Thomas Murray joined the School of Music and Institute of Sacred Music faculty in 1981 and became university organist in 1990. In addition to a prominent career as a soloist, for thirty-seven years he has been teaching graduate organ majors who have gone on from Yale to leading positions in the academy, in churches and cathedrals, and in the field of performance throughout the world.

Visualizing Sound: A Lecture and Demonstration on the Notation System and Music of the Chinese Qin

The Chinese qin 琴, a zither-like instrument, can be traced back about 2500 years through archaeological evidence, and has a textual history dating back even further. As an instrument associated with literati and sages, it has a wealth of references in poetry, mythology, historical and semi-historical accounts, and philosophical exegesis.

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