Online Articles

The following articles address some of the reasons why music study is important and advantageous for children:

The Benefits of Music Education
Laura Lewis Brown

Top Twenty Reasons A Child Should Study Music
Deborah Torres Patel

Twenty Important Benefits of Music in Our Schools
Kristen Rencher Nuss

Other articles:

Church-Affiliated Music Schools: A Rewarding Partnership
Joseph Ripka

School/Program Profiles

These pages contain profiles of current parish-based music schools and highlight the many models that exist in the United States and Canada.

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  • To alert us to other programs not already listed, please forward the name and location to the initiative coordinator.

Click on the name of the school whose profile you wish to view:

Calvary School of Music - Stonington, CT
Madison Street Music & Arts Academy - Clarksville, TN
Mount Olivet School of Music - Minneapolis, MN