6. Manar al-Athar

Manar al-Athar Database

The University of Oxford’s Manar al-Athar image database provides open-access photographs labelled in Arabic and English of archaeological sites, buildings, and works of art from areas of the Roman Empire which subsequently came under Islamic rule. These high-resolution images are free, searchable, and available for teaching, research, and academic and educational publications by acknowledging the source. Currently, the database includes nearly 600 photographs of Dura-Europos, which were contributed by archaeologists and other specialists: together, they form an invaluable corpus that chronicles the preservation of excavated buildings over multiple decades.



  1. New Citadel (Parthian Citadel)
  2. View of Agora from southwest
  3. Temple of the Palmyrene Gods and Tower T1
  4. Odeon (bouleuterion) at the Temple of Artemis Nanaia