Courses 2022–2023

Music Courses • Divinity Courses • ISM courses hosted in other departments

The letter “a” following the course number denotes the fall term; the letter “b” denotes the spring term.

Please refer to for course descriptions, syllabi, and up-to-date schedules. You may also find courses that interest you in other departments, such as Religious Studies, Art History, Medieval Studies, etc.


Music Courses

MUS 519a–b, 619a–b, 719a–b, ISM Colloquium — Martin Jean (REQUIRED)

Non-Performance Courses/Academic Courses

MUS 511b, Music before 1750 — Markus Rathey

MUS 618b, Intimacy, Love, and Devotion in 17th-Century Music — Markus Rathey

MUS 675a, Sacred to Socially Committed: A Survey of the Mass — Bernard Gordillo

Performance Courses


MUS 540a–b, 640a–b, 740a–b, 840a–b, Individual Instruction in the Major — Faculty

MUS 544a–b, 644a–b, 744a–b, Seminar in the Major — Faculty

MUS 546a–b, 646a–b, 746a–b, Yale Camerata — Felicia Barber

MUS 571a–b, 671a–b, 771a–b, Yale Schola Cantorum — David Hill

Choral Conducting

MUS 532a-b, 632a-b, Repertory Chorus—Conducting — Jeffrey Douma

MUS 536a–b, 636a–b, Recital Chorus—Conducting — Jeffrey Douma

MUS 565a, Elements of Choral Conducting — Felicia Barber


MUS 515a,b, Improvisation at the Organ I — Jeffrey Brillhart

MUS 615a,b, Improvisation at the Organ II — Jeffrey Brillhart

MUS 715a, b, Improvisation at the Organ III — Jeffrey Brillhart

MUS 656a, Liturgical Keyboard Skills I — Walden Moore

MUS 657a, Liturgical Keyboard Skills II — Walden Moore


MUS 506a-b, 606a–b, Lyric Diction for Singers — Faculty (Fall Term, Latin Diction, taught by Susan Hellauer)

MUS 509a–b, 609a–b, 709a–b, Art Song Coaching for Singers — Tomoko Nakayama

MUS 522a–b, 622a–b, 722a–b, Acting for Singers —Glenn Seven Allen (ISM)

MUS 531a-b, 631a-b, Repertory Chorus-Voice — Jeffrey Douma

MUS 535a–b, 635a–b, Recital Chorus-Voice — Jeffrey Douma

MUS 594a,b, Vocal Chamber Music — James Taylor

MUS 595a–b, 695b, Performance Practice for Singers — Jeffrey Grossman

MUS 623a,b, Early Music Coaching for Singers — Jeffrey Grossman


Divinity Courses

REL 3910a–b, Colloquium — Martin Jean (REQUIRED)

Liturgical Studies/Worship

REL 606a, The Eucharistic Prayer and Eucharistic Theology — Bryan Spinks

REL 628b, Christian Oriental Rites and the Syriac Liturgical Year  — Aboud (Ephrem) Ishac

REL 655b, Liturgy and Life — Melanie Ross

REL 675b, Baptism and Eucharist in Ecumenical Dialogue  — Melanie Ross

REL 677b, Natural Disasters in the Christian Tradition: Ritual and Theological Responses — Mark Roosien

REL 682a, Foundations of Christian Worship — Teresa Berger

REL 688b, Catholic Liturgy — Teresa Berger

REL 996b, Worship: The Embodied Moment for Self and Church Community — Kathleen S. Turner


Religion and the Arts

Visual Art/Material Culture

REL 745a, Byzantine Art and Architecture — Vasileios Marinis

REL 756a, The Cult of Mary: Early Christian and Byzantine Art — Vasileios Marinis, Felicity Harley

REL 966a, Sensational Materialities: Sensory Cultures in History, Theory, and Method — Sally Promey

AMST 692/HSAR 730/JDST 799/RLST 788b, Religion and the Performance of Space — Sally Promey, Margaret Olin

REL 781b, Readings in U.S. Law and Religion — Sally Promey, Tisa Wenger


(Also see the Non-Performance Music courses listed above.)

REL 801a or b, Marquand Chapel Choir — Nathaniel Gumbs

REL 802a or b, Marquand Gospel and Inspirational Choir — Mark Miller

REL 917b, Political Song and the Catholic Church in Latin America — Bernard Gordillo

REL 948b, Women of the Gospel: Jackson, Clark, Caesar, Franklin — Braxton Shelley

REL 613b, Christian Hymnody: The Song of the People — James Abbington


REL 907b, Theological Aesthetics — Awet Andemicael, John Hare

REL 902b, Literary Appropriations: Writers and Philosophers in Conversation— David Mahan, John Hare

REL 943a, Gospel, Rap, and Social Justice: Prison and the Arts — Ronald S. Jenkins

REL 956b, Faith, Doubt, and Redemption in 20th- and 21st-Century Fiction — David Mahan

REL 957a, Russian Religious Thought — Mark Roosien

REL 961b, Eco-Theology, Environmental Ethics, and Fiction — Ryan Darr

REL 963a, Literature of Trauma — David Mahan

REL 971a, Creative Faith: Poetry — Christian Wiman

REL 743b, Staging Mysteries: the Legacy of Medieval Biblical Drama, Past and Present — Carla Neuss

REL 861a, The Musicality of Black Preaching — Braxton Shelley

ISM Faculty & Fellows’ Courses Hosted in Other Departments

HSAR 467b, Environmental Relations in Pre-Hispanic and Colonial South American Art — Catalina Ospina

MUSI 483b, The Gospel Imagination — Braxton Shelley

MUSI 484b, Introduction to Chinese Music — Qingfan Jiang

MUSI 486b, Diasporic Jewish Music: History, Ritual, and Memory — Jeremiah Lockwood

MUSI 485b, Sacred Musics of the Middle East — Jon Bullock

JDST 290b, Contemporary American Judaisms — Jeremiah Lockwood