The ISM and Yale School of Music

The ISM maintains a dynamic partnership with the Yale School of Music, and students in performance areas of choral conducting, organ, and voice prepare themselves for careers in churches, the academy, and the concert stage. Occasionally, the ISM admits composition majors with an interest in sacred music after they have been accepted by the Yale School of Music.

ISM music students receive a broad musical education identical to that of all Yale School of Music students, and they are also trained with an eye toward understanding the biblical and liturgical roots of the music they perform. Many Institute students take on a variety of leadership roles in the rich lives of Marquand Chapel and other chapels on campus. Opportunities for musical and liturgical participation abound.

All ISM students attend the Institute colloquium and elect courses with Institute faculty. See ISM bulletin for details. For further information on the degree programs themselves, please consult the YSM bulletin. All students in these programs must attend full-time and be in residence in the New Haven area.

Church Music Studies

The Institute offers a curriculum for any ISM performance major wishing to specialize in Church Music Studies. For this certificate, some candidates may require a fifth semester of study.