What are the aims of this initiative?

  • To support, understand, and amplify the practices of diverse religious communities which seek to fight against climate change and rectify our current ecological crisis.
  • To interpret the work of musicians, artists, writers, filmmakers for the sake of religious communities and the broader public.
  • To encourage scholars working in the environmental humanities to attend more fully to worship, ritual, and the sacred arts.
  • To contribute to the creation of a more just and sustainable ecological future.

What are we offering?

  • Funding and support for events (symposia, webinars, performances, exhibitions) that engage with the Yale community and beyond.
  • A digital platform to disseminate and amplify the most significant work that meets our aims.
  • An opportunity to engage with an emerging community of scholars, artists and practitioners working at the intersection of religion, ecology, and the arts.

Will the initiative cover the costs of research travel related to its themes?

  • No, the initiative does not fund research or research travel. For information on ISM’s research fellowships, follow this link

Will the initiative cover the costs of electronic equipment to be used for a virtual event?

  • No, the initiative does not fund the purchase of any equipment or supplies, including electronic equipment, art supplies, or research materials. We will, however, provide support for virtual events.

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