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The ISM seeks applications by, or nominations for, scholars, artists, religious leaders, activists, and others in related fields to apply. Applicants should be able to demonstrate sufficient expertise, experience, and time to realize their proposed project. We encourage interdisciplinary teams to apply together.

The focus of the initiative is to support and amplify the work of people outside of Yale and to share that work with the Yale community and beyond. If you are a Yale faculty or student and would like to propose an event related to this initiative, please send an inquiry by email. Contact us for more information about ISM funding internal to Yale.

What We Fund

The REEC Initiative primarily provides funding to facilitate the creation and dissemination of scholarly and creative work in four specific modes of engagement [Link to list below] to both academic audiences and the wider public. Alternative forms will be considered on a case-by-case basis. [link to bullet #5]. Our funding is intended to support events and the public dissemination of content. Please note, we do not fund research, research travel, or research leaves.

We can fund:

  • Honoraria for event curators, speakers, and staff support as needed
  • Travel and lodging when needed to stage an event
  • Recording, editing and other production costs
  • Costs for advertising and event promotion

We cannot fund:

  • Travel for research
  • Research leaves
  • The purchase of books, supplies, or other equipment

How to Apply

The application process occurs in two phases, which are outlined below. Application materials can be submitted here.

Phase I

  1. A short summary of the project, including (1) the specific form of engagement, and (2) the theme or themes the project engages (maximum 1000 words). Please also outline some of the ways this project might engage the Yale community.
  2. A list of potential participants with brief biographies.
  3. A proposed timeline for the project, from planning to execution.
  4. A CV or resume of applicant(s).

Phase II

  1. In addition to a revised project statement, the centerpiece of the assessment in Phase II will be the document(s) related to a specific form of engagement. For example, if proposing a webinar series, this would be a detail description of each event; or, if one is proposing a writing group for an edited volume, a publication proposal would be required at this stage of the proposal.
  2. A preliminary budget for the project.
  3. A list of confirmed participants.
  4. The committee may request a reference at this stage.
  5. A discussion with ISM staff might also be required to confer on any details of the event.

Application Deadlines and Review

There are two annual application deadlines for Phase I applications. For 2023, they will be March 30 and November 30. All application materials should be submitted here.

Phase I applications will be reviewed by a small committee of ISM faculty and staff for their promise and their fit with the Religion, Ecology, and Expressive Culture initiative. Applicants can expect to hear back from the committee within four weeks of the submission deadline.

The committee will invite those applicants whose proposals demonstrate fit and promise to submit Phase II applications. We ask for applicants to submit Phase II applications within four weeks of being invited to do so. Phase II applications will be reviewed by a larger committee composed of Yale and non-Yale faculty. Applicants can expect to hear back in approximately six weeks of submitting their Phase II application.

Applicants should build the timeline of the review process into their planning. We anticipate that projects will occur no earlier than the semester after the deadline at which they were submitted.


If you think the work of some scholar(s), artist(s), or practitioner(s) fits particularly well with the aims of this initiative, we invite you to nominate them. Nominations can be submitted by email ( Please include name(s), institutional affiliation(s), and a short rationale for the nomination.

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