Students at a lecture

The Common Experience

Students at the Yale Institute of Sacred Music and either professional school, Music or Divinity, have many unparalleled opportunities for interdisciplinary exchange through: 

  •  colloquium, in which all Institute students enroll
  • courses taught by Institute faculty
  • team-taught travel seminars
  • other offerings including faculty-led study tours every two years open to all Institute students*

These tours offer rich opportunities to see, hear, and learn in the primary areas of the ISM—sacred music, worship, and the arts. The ISM covers most expenses of the tours for its students.*

Tour participants have traveled to Mexico (2006); Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Croatia (2008); Germany (2010); Greece and Turkey (2012); Italy (2014); the Baltic states (2016); and Spain (2018). The destination in 2020 is Peru.