2. Exhibition Overview

The power of exhibitions lies in their abilities to disseminate research and inspire new projects, to provide environments for thoughtful reflection, to play commemorative roles, and above all to tell meaningful stories. In engaging with the past, present, and future of research on Dura-Europos, this exhibition also responds to Dr. Michel Al-Maqdissi’s appeal to scholars working outside Syria to organize exhibitions that contribute to rewriting the history of Syria in the face of the ongoing conflict and severe humanitarian crisis. Dr. Al-Maqdissi is the former director of Excavations and Archaeological Studies of the Directorate-General of Antiquities and Museums of Syria: he has been based in Paris since 2012, where he is a researcher in the Département des antiquités orientales at the Musée du Louvre. 


  1. Painting of Conon and family from Temple of Bel
  2. Workers excavating
  3. Workmen excavating in citadel
  4. Excavation team
  5. Franz Cumont and Mikhail Rostovtzeff in the Mithraeum
  6. Temple of Azzanathkona, view from west
  7. Altar in courtyard of the Temple of Azzanathkona
  8. Workman in salle aux gradins in Temple of Azzanathkona
  9. Relief of Zeus Kyrios-Baalshamin in situ
  10. Young workman in House of Nebuchelus next to shelves for papyrus
  11. Graffito of three musicians from Temple of Aphlad
  12. Drawing by Robert Deigert of graffito of three musicians