Religion and Visual Arts - Master of Arts in Religion

Concentration in Visual Arts and Material Culture

This concentration aims to provide students with a robust scholarly background in relations between religion and visual and material arts/cultures. In the process, it encourages interdisciplinary conversation across the various arts represented in the ISM curriculum (literature, music, liturgy and ritual studies). The program invites students to take advantage of the abundant resources of Yale University in the visual arts and cultures of religion.

After graduation from the program many student pursue doctoral degrees in departments of history of art or religious studies.

Faculty and Affiliates

  • Vasileios Marinis, program coordinator
  • Sally M. Promey
  • Felicity Harley
  • Orgu Dalgic

Courses may include

  • Visual Fluencies: Material Arts and Western Visual Cultures of Religion
  • The Cult of Saints in Early Christianity and the Middle Ages
  • Religion and the Performance of Space
  • Christian Pilgrimage: Narratives, Materialities, Rituals
  • Visual Controversies: Religion and the Politics of Vision
  • Witnessing, Remembrance, Commemoration
  • Material Sensations

Campus resources include

The Institute for the Study of Material and Visual Cultures of Religion (MAVCOR), and the Yale collections and galleries.