Meet the Short-Term Fellows

In addition to the academic-year fellows, we also support fellows who come to the ISM for a short time to do research in one of Yale’s unique collections. 

Fellows 2022 – 2023

Blair Fowlkes Childs is Visiting Lecturer at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. She was an ISM long-term fellow in 2019-2020 and also curated the exhibition “Photographs of Dura-Europos: 1922-2022 and Onward” in 2022. During her short-term ISM fellowship, she will conduct research on altars and incense burners from Dura-Europos in the Art Gallery and the excavation archive, as well as on the depictions of altars in Dura’s famous wall paintings and relief sculptures. This exceptional corpus has great potential to enhance our knowledge of religious rituals across the Middle East and Iran during the first through the mid third centuries.


J. Christian Greer, PhD, is a scholar of Religious Studies with a special focus on psychedelic culture. His forthcoming book, Angelheaded Hipsters: Psychedelic Militancy in Nineteen Eighties North America (Oxford University Press), analyzes the diversification and expansion of psychedelic culture within fanzine networks in the late Cold War era. As a fellow at the ISM, he will use the Beinecke’s collections to research his second book, which will be the first investigation of its kind into the historical imbrication of psychedelic spirituality and the movement for Civil Rights.